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Show off your desktop August 2006


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Of course I'll give them a permission to include it if they want to. Just tell them that they have my blessing. If they want to know more/contact me, they should simply pm me here or post something. Adam Williamson should still know this site. ;).


The wallpaper is GPL'd, the icons are CCPL 2.0 license, just like the original Tango set.


BTW: I also made a Rhythmbox icon. Don't know if it is good enough... (Yes, I am bored today. :P)

Thank you. The topic is here.

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Just created a new wallpaper. I like it somehow.



I like it too, and thank you for another wonderfull contribution to the Mandriva community. I'm a club member, but have been a member of the larger community before there was a club. Whether you're dousing flames, keeping folks on track, helping the perplexed noob and non-noob alike over rough spots, words can't express the size of the contribution you make.


Thanks Dexter11 for maintaining a line of communication between the club, which is somewhat insular, and the larger community. I should do more of that also.



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nice!...but torture!...it's hot here :D


looks like I need to make the shadows on the buttons more transparent. I can't go tooo far because it is intended for dark titlebars but.....I'll test....

what gtk is that so I can get that color for testing?

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