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Show off your desktop August 2006


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Amazing how you guys changing themes continously :D


My Desktop(s) I keep at least for a year (minimum) and trying to perfection it :cheeky::geek:

Bfff... the look of my Mandriva box hasn't changed during the last months. :P
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arctic, the reason the earlier version is dark


is because it uses the color specified in the gtkrc's metacity section

style "metacity-frame" = "default"
bg[SELECTED] = "#444444"
class "MetaFrames"	 style "metacity-frame"
class "GtkWindow"	  style "metacity-frame"

Since Clearlooks DeepSky doesn't have that section it uses the

bg[sELECTED] = "#??????"

at the top of the gtkrc.

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Panda Desktop Security runs its own GTK2 engine (libpavengine.so) it also comes with gtkrc so it's possible to change it completly.


Picasa I'm not sure. Google made it, but it uses wine somehow.

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