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  1. ffi

    KDE 4.3.5

    4.3.5 is a bug fx release, 4.4.0 will be a new release with new bugs but neoclust has also packaged 4.4.0 for mandriva 2010.0 if you are adventurous, I actually did try it, I didn't encounter many bugs but too many of the new features drove me to insanity...popups and tooltips everywhere, windows maximizing at random, the desktop going to some overview mode with miniature windows at random and still basic functionality missing since kde4 has made me switch to gnome
  2. So, I bet there are dozens of ofd supporters editting ooxml in favour of odf too, thats just wikipedia. People should know better than to trust wikipedia as a reliable source of information anyway, its just politics...
  3. it will be a few months I would guess before opera 10 final will be released and we will see a few new features appears too in the mean time, I would reckon
  4. I dont think you can get rid of that error unless you buy a wireless cards whose driver supports nl80211 but it is a harmless error...
  5. mdkapplet (the update notifier) will offer you a dist-upgrade, it will also handle config files (so no etc-update needed anymore)
  6. here is the old bugreport https://qa.mandriva.com/show_bug.cgi?id=47508 upstream kde bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=186601 btw: I forgot I have this problem but only in desktopview; I changed to folderview which I prefer anyway
  7. I would remove all your sources NOW because cooker is unfrozen en 2010 packages are in the repos. If you updated regulary and used mirrorlist it should automatically switch but to make sure go to configure your sources and remove them all to avoid key problems from cooker mailing list today Â
  8. I have seen this bug during cooker but is was fixed for me a while ago
  9. squashfs-lzma-kernel-desktop586-latest-3.3-1.20090421.10mdv2009.1 lzma-kernel- squashfs-lzma-kernel-3.3-10mdv2009.1 squashfs-lzma-kernel- vboxadditions-kernel- vboxadditions-kernel-desktop586-latest-2.2.0-1.20090422.4mdv2009.1 lzma-kernel-desktop586-latest-4.43-1.20090421.27mdv2009.1 these you could remove, they are for running on the live-cd and/or in virtualbox but you could leave them too
  10. Neoclust makes all mdv kde packages anyway, has been for years.
  11. All variants of ubuntu always run considerably slower than mdv for me but than again ubuntu runs much faster than opensuse...intrepid ibex was so painfully slow though that I really didnt use it at all...
  12. I would first check to see if pulse is running: ps aux | grep pulse if it runs try changing the volume in the apps themselves a bit, I have noticed the sound sometimes is muted even though volume is high. If this doesn't work, disable glitch free.
  13. playonlinux might also be worth mentioning as an alternative
  14. ermm this is a joke or you meant to say Does ubuntu support nvidia drivers out of the box?, right? No seriously because previously you would always need to hunt for nvidia drivers on ubuntu, since 8.10 has dkms it's a little better but it's still no mandriva (I have never seen a driver upgrade in ubuntu, never, whilst in mdv I always have the latest drivers without hassles) for many years mdv has installed proprietary driver out of the box for one and powerpack whilst ubuntu only gave free drivers....
  15. Which is sort of my point if I cant do anything about dont bother (youare not bothering because you turned notifications of completely). Anyway to repeat linux has a fairly decent notification system, why change it,to something which has less features (and probably more bugs) than the present system.Â
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