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  1. change is good but they sure need a ui designer. seems improvement would be part of the goal here, but at least there's movement!
  2. k...I give up... what is all that? (the gtk, or is that the app skin and not gtk?)
  3. you can get both here http://gnomethemes.org/?p=57
  4. firefox is not gtk, but rather gdk>gtk so I guess that's why it looks fine the only thing I can think of you doing (I don't have kde installed) is making a gtk theme with the colors you want and telling gain and any other apps you desire to use that theme. You can do that in gnome easily but I don't know if it works from kde....I think it should In your .gtk-2.0 file in your home dir (create it if it doesn't exist) put GTK2_RC_FILES=~/.themes/name_of_theme/gtk-2.0/gtkrc gaim to point to a theme in .themes for a theme in /usr/share/themes GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/name_of_theme/gtk-2.0/gtkrc gaim
  5. arctic, the reason the earlier version is dark http://gnomethemes.org/pre/screenshots/Mirage2.jpg is because it uses the color specified in the gtkrc's metacity section style "metacity-frame" = "default" { bg[SELECTED] = "#444444" } class "MetaFrames" style "metacity-frame" class "GtkWindow" style "metacity-frame" Since Clearlooks DeepSky doesn't have that section it uses the bg[sELECTED] = "#??????" at the top of the gtkrc.
  6. http://gnomethemes.org/?p=57 done it already have something else in mind? ATER is at gnome-look, if you're looking for an explaination for silly voting ;)
  7. just tinkering with another way of doing a metacity to look good with the Mirage gtk engine http://gnomethemes.org/pre/screenshots/Mirage3-Sapphire.png
  8. of course the first thing to do is run the browsers from a terminal and see if you get any output errors firefox > errors.txt
  9. start X with gdm, kdm, and startx from init 3, log the results of ps aux | grep "[X]" every 10 minutes for 1 hour??? for all three logins after reboots. If the results suck with gdm, give them those results and ask them to explain themselves.
  10. look at it this way.....if I didn't, you wouldn't have d3a :P ...someone has to do it :D
  11. hmm...a lot of issues with doing that kind of upgrade? yuk! What happened? I did it for years. Urpmi? repos? pkg's? ...bummer!
  12. nice!...but torture!...it's hot here :D looks like I need to make the shadows on the buttons more transparent. I can't go tooo far because it is intended for dark titlebars but.....I'll test.... what gtk is that so I can get that color for testing?
  13. gdm has been known to do that....I had a mem problem long ago....ML9.1? and never found the problem, so I went cooker :P -the glass icons are svg but svg alone won't cause this -video card alone will not cause this -the gtk theme uses a bg pixmap and that is very slow ...I was just mentioning a few speed up tips I didn't use a dm for years, but started using gdm recently because it was the only way I could get other users to be able to login....would not work from init 3 :o
  14. I updated the metacity to be more like the menubar Mirage download update
  15. Yes, the idea that gnome is lighter than kde is a thing of the past. cairo won't use much memory, but it does slow the desktop down lsof -n /usr/lib/libcairo.s turn off nautilus makes gnome twice as fast. gconf-editor>apps>nautilus>preferences>untick show_desktop oh yeah...and to start nautilus as brower nautilus --no-desktop --browser spatial nautilus nautilus --no-desktop do not use an svg icon theme (tango for example) or a cairo based theme engine...examples...candido, rezlooks, murrine, mirage, clearlooks-devel (cvs) X+nvidia+gnome+svg+cairo=slow exactly why? no one particular reason, but many it seems
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