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  1. You should really ask the MIB guys about it since they use their own dir structure, they have an English forum, but I think that the packages they store in the project directory are still being worked on. So it would be better IMO to use the kernel from here: http://mib.pianetalinux.org/MIB/2010.2/32/experts/ They also have nvidia drivers.
  2. If you can't find a kernel version you like and don't mind trying 3rd party apps then MIB (Mandriva Italia Backports) has kernel packages with PAE enabled.
  3. Are you sure it's a codec issue? If there's no codec then the player is not reading the file hence the sliding bar shouldn't move.Did you check if the sound is right e.g. Amarok is not muted? Or that it's using the sound system your other apps are using? You can check those by simply playing a file format other than mp3.
  4. You should change your signature John.
  5. Since Mandriva has taken a different direction Mageia actually has its own identity. Even if it's the same as the old Mandriva.
  6. And he's right. Although Gnome 3 is beautiful and fast, I found it very annoying. Almost like Enlightenment. It seems like the Gnome devs got the "tablet-fever". While I have nothing against tablets, I don't think it's a good idea to leave all your users behind and forget that all of them use PCs. Does Gnome 3 even have an ARM port? Googling for it didn't turn up anything.
  7. Install wallpapers from where? How? Which DE do you use?
  8. As the title say Mandriva 2011 beta 2 has been released. Read the details in the Mandriva blog.
  9. Is the game polish only? Like the website?
  10. Overall looks cleaner to me than rpmdrake, however I prefer list view instead of icon view.
  11. Mandriva is thanking their effort for the MUGs (Mandriva User Groups) with giving away free MES (Mandriva Enterprise Server) licenses. [moved from Forum Discussion by spinynorman]
  12. Yes, it makes sense. Now that Mandriva supports only one DE officially there's no need to maintain two control centers. You can find everything in one place from now on. The Mandriva tools remain there though porting them to Qt would be a big plus.
  13. The technical specifications of Mandriva 2011 are out. We will see quite a lot of new features in this release. In keywords: systemd booting, unified control center, only one DE (the rest is community developed), simplified installer, new package manager UI, RPM5 (see Per Øyvind Karlsen's blog post for more details on that) etc. There's also an article on ostatic.com in case you don't know what some of these things are. Finally, here's the full list.
  14. dexter11


    Thank you for the link. That's exactly what I needed.
  15. dexter11


    Since there's no Mageia release out yet, not even a test release, there's nothing really to be in yet if I'm not mistaken. Development takes place on the mailing lists not on the forum. Btw what was the final conclusion, will they have their own forum or will they use yours? I know it's been asked before but I can't remember your answer: is it possible to display the mailing lists as forum topics in the new forum?
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