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  1. I have to give props to the current release of Mandriva (2009.1)... been using OpenSUSE for some years now, but I think 2009.1 is the best Linux distro currently available. This is also - but not only - thanks to KDE 4.2 desktop. I do have to say that KDE 4.2 really benefits from wide screens though (more space to leave all those widgets/plasmoids ;-) )
  2. Not really orthodox, but I 'solved' it by attaching an external USB DVD drive... typing this from 2009.1 right now! :-) Now to hunt for mp3 playback packages :P (edit: hmmm, they are pre-installed?? :D )
  3. Yes, like I said in my first post it does not help:
  4. Tried to install with unetbootin, but no luck either: I get "... Warning: unable to open an initial console." I Google-ed and from http://www.nabble.com/-Bug-48119--NEW:-Whe...td22151790.html I found this remark: Seems like it's impossible for me to install Mandriva 2009.1 AT ALL! :(
  5. I am hit with the following bug where the installer will not boot up, and the install CD hangs at boot time: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/2009.1_Errata#...some_CD_readers However, the 'trick' they posted there does not work for me. Any other tips on how to install it anyway? I'm been thinking perhaps I can put this iso/installer on a USB stick and perhaps install it from there... Darkelve
  6. Hello! Lots of new faces here, but I do remember Neddie and Dexter. I returned here because of this (I have to have KDE 4.2 and Mandriva is the first distro that has it). Currently running Ubuntu 9.4 for a few days (before OpenSUSE 11.1) but it's not really my thing. I hope I will fare better with Mandriva Spring 2009.1 ; back to my roots! (I still remember installing Mandrake 9.0). Will I miss out on many packages if I pick Mandriva One instead of the 'full' DVD? And how is your experience with Mandriva? Darkelve
  7. Well, as an update, I tried it out for a while, but not playing it actively anymore. Too little action on the PvE servers...
  8. I've yet to try it so I'm curious: what didn't you like about it?
  9. Even though I'm against the monthly-subscription fee, I wanted to try out another MMORPG after guild wars. So recently I've been able to get Dark Age of Camelot+expansions pretty cheap. It included 2 months of free play, I want to see how fun it is in that period. It would be so much nicer to have people to play with though. Anyone care to join me?
  10. Hey me too! The fact that the Gnome version is always better than KDE is one of the reasons I keep going back to OpenSUSE. Kubuntu's KDE implementation, at least the times that I tried it, is pretty crappy IMhO.
  11. Hi, I suppose the difference in boot & shutdown is because Kubuntu uses the new -sort of 'experimental' UpStart: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/
  12. Sorry. Since I started using Suse and stopped being a moderator here, I haven't really kept an eye on this thread anymore. It might be outdated in some places unless the other mods kept it 'fresh'.
  13. For those interested, this should be useful too: http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxgame.../the_real_dirt/
  14. Well, as far as I understand Max OSX 'success rate' is likely to be lower than Linux, since they started on OSX later and there are still some problems with 'Quartz' driver (graphics subsystem). I tried it out and it seems that this is what CX Games is (compared to Wine): - seems to be based on a recent 'stock' version of Wine - calls wine with specific parameters (probably to increase performance) - creates a separate 'wine/cxgames' folder called ~/.cxgames/ - uses the Crossover Installer, which means folders get created automatically in KDE/Gnome menu and icons on Desktop If you do not mind the fiddling with the command line, there does not seem to be a lot of reasons to get this, unless for easier installation and in order to support Wine financially (or if you want to play one or more games on the 'supported' list).
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