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  1. A bit late, but it works flawlessly for me with Crossover Games.
  2. Canola Media Center: http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/07/canola-media-center-works-surprisingly.html Or check the list of media centers: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/using-your-linux-computer-as-a-media-center-part-1/ Though it's 2 years old.
  3. Try XMBC. It's SDL based and can run on every OSs http://xbmc.org/ I can recommend this theme for it: http://xbmc.org/skins/aeon/ Note that mouse is disable in it, so it goes through remote control or keyboard.
  4. They have dis-continued the 64-bit version. Time for me to switch to gnash or may be html5 as I only uses it for youtube.
  5. The Xandros & Linspire is a good exampel of this. Xandros bought and stripped Linspire back in 2008. If Mandriva is going to keep on under new owner A LOT of things needs changes. Mandriva as it is now have several failures from poor management to total lack of PR department and communication.
  6. If they can find a buyer and if the buyer don't kill Mandriva.
  7. Now what? :unsure: The crises have been for many years (more or less), so this seems avoidable in the end.
  8. There's a special Bundle running at Wolfire dot com. Get 5 games and you choose how much you'll pay. You can also donate the money to charity or developers or split them between. The offer is only for 7 days. All the games runs natively in Linux. World of Goo - Aquaria - Gish - Lugaro - Penumbra: Overture www.wolfire.com
  9. Yep, due to group pressure by the people I play linux games with :P Switched a week ago and began to build game pkg for Arch. 13 pkgs so far :) Have a look, there might be something interesting: aur.archlinux.org. [moved from Talk-Talk by spinynorman]
  10. Osmos has been released today! www.hemispheregames.com
  11. Linux Fest Northwest 2010 http://lunduke.com/?p=1075
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