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  1. Adam Thank you for all you've done for a very appreciative community. You'll land on your feet, and you'll be supported by friends, and supporters that you've made along the way. It's apparent that Mandriva can't make money on the desktop, and so will concentrate on the server and corporate products. Resources that were devoted to desktop users will be pared back (that's what's happening now), and the company will use any desktop product the way Novell and Red Hat use theirs. The desktop user will be in the same bind with Mandriva that he is in with Fedora or OpenSuse, a tester for the corporate product. Lip service will be paid to the concept of community, but users will be nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop at any time. The "open" edition will be around as long as it makes money for and supports the corporate edition. Those of us who really like the distro want to keep it around, but with more predictability and stability. The distro itself is more than good enough to stand on its own merits. What's lacking is community, not corporate, control. Why not a non-profit foundation like Mozilla, that could start with the free open source edition, and take it from there. Offer an entirely free product, and a product with codecs. Let the community decide what it wants. I would gladly send the money I am paying for the pwp download service to such a foundation. I wonder how many other would as well.
  2. Steve, A lot of people are having trouble with bcm43xx on Mandriva. I'm runninf 2007 official and I finally gave up and went back to ndiswrapper, which is working beautifully, and without the speed limitation. An lsmod revealed several additional files associatd with fwcutter and bcm43xx which I had to stop from loading in order to make ndiswrapper boot. I added the following to /etc/modprobe.conf: blacklist bcm43xx blacklist ieee80211 blacklist ieee80211softmac blacklist ieee80211_crypt Then, for good measure, I added "ndiswrapper" (without the quotes) to /etc/modprobe.preload and /etc/modules. I configured my linksys wireless card. which has the broadcom chip, on eth1, managed mode, open wep, and it's running at 54 Mbit Hope this points you in theright direction
  3. I'm still unable to get 3D acceleration for my GeForce fx 5200. I did a clean install using the Sunna DVD, I can see the nvidia splashscreen, but no 3D. It would be a shame if we had to wait several months for a new driver. On the club, they're discouraging use of the nvidia proprietary driver, saying it conflicts with mesa. Some good news. With the clean install, I now have good printer functionality for my hpdeskjet952c, and a mouse problem is now cleared up. This 3D thing with nvidia cards is a real pita though. Anybody got any ideas? Dkms-nvidia from plf isn't working for me.
  4. Here's what I had to do in debian etch: In kdeprintrc,make sure you have these lines, [CUPS] Host=localhost Port=631 in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, comment out, #Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock Finally, /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
  5. I like it too, and thank you for another wonderfull contribution to the Mandriva community. I'm a club member, but have been a member of the larger community before there was a club. Whether you're dousing flames, keeping folks on track, helping the perplexed noob and non-noob alike over rough spots, words can't express the size of the contribution you make. Thanks Dexter11 for maintaining a line of communication between the club, which is somewhat insular, and the larger community. I should do more of that also. cheers
  6. agendelman

    Mandriva 2006

    arctic, I'm watching 2006 on a spare partition. I've set it up to update software from a 2006 repository with urpmi, but if I want cooker updates I do the following: #smart update #smart upgrade #smart fix #shutdown -r now It seems to work fine, and I've been doing this with cooker for quite awhile. cheers
  7. Hello all, The powers of greed are always seeking to limit our freedom of choice, and profit off us if they can. A particularly grave threat exists now that must be addressed. Members of the open source community who live in EU countries, please read and respond: http://www.videolan.org/patents.html Thanks
  8. here it is ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse...86/live-cd-9.1/ enjoy!
  9. Hi folks, Tried to install 10.0 rc1 today, but no go. Inserted CD1 and got the message "could not uncompress 2nd stage ramdisk...probably a hardware error while reading data (hardware failure or Linux Kernel bug". I rebooted and tried to reinstall a different kernel: F1 at !st install screed then alt0 for the 2.6 kernal or alt1 for a 2.4 kernel. Neither worked. I inserted MDK 10.0 Beta 2 CD1 and no problem. Any ideas?
  10. Does anyone know if the boxed set of 9.0 Powerpack contains Star Office 6.0? Mandrake needs some help from supporters, and one of the options is purchasing some software from MandrakeStore? I'm trying to decide, and would greatly appreciate any info about this. The MDK website makes reference to 7 CDs, but is vague about what is on them. :?: Thanks, and I hope I can find a reasonable way to help out.
  11. I finally solved the problem by hitting F1 and typing "linux ide=nodma". Prior to that, I tried all the obvious: download, checksum, reburn, try lower speed. All to no avail. It was very perplexing, because I am able to get 8.1 installed easilly whether the hd has direct mem access enabled or not.I'm running a P4VMM2 mainboard, a VIA VT8751 (P4M266) Northbridge and a VT8233 Southbridge. I can't as yet get use of the AC 97 audio codec. I'm ready to throw in the towel and buy a sound blaster live. I'm a newbie, a windows user, and am very impressed with mdk90. I hope this post helps another frustrated user. Remember, "linux ide=nodma" agendelman@compuserve.com
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