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  2. Probably because Mandrake 8.1 is old and won't work on newer hardware. UUID's were not used in Mandrake 8.1, they didn't appear until probably like 10 years later. Migrate your system to a newer version of Linux - Mandrake 8.1 is old, insecure and a security risk, and not going to work on newer hardware.
  3. Hi, I have issue with old mandrake version 8.1 rc1 586 year 2001, - after clone HDD to new one a larger 500GB linux isn't booting up - I tried to clon using norton ghost and other soft, no change - after all I cole partition by bartition in easeus partition magic - what is going on ? do I have to change UUID ? - how to repair linux boot ? regards
  4. What would we do without you @paul :beers: Would be good to somehow re-invent the forum and get it going again, although probably almost impossible.
  5. more upgrade to invision. I also finally got around to aligning the header images again :P
  6. PHP upgraded to version 8.1 and subsequent forum software updated :)
  7. Yeah looks that way. Sometimes we get a spammer registering and attempting to post. After the demise of Mandriva, everyone else has since moved on. Would be cool for a reunion of all the people that were here during those peak times we had.
  8. LOL .. I think you and I are the only visitors nowadays :)
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