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  7. Hmm, it seems me also :) or at least the last one I got was when hery28 revived and old topic trying to make it look genuine lol Had I not visited now I wouldn't have known about the reply.
  8. crikey .. I'm not getting notifications anymore :P
  9. ...when spammers think that replying to posts from years back, and trying to make their posts look legitimate, that we won't be able to figure out what their game is ;) Or, let's post something that looks innocent, and then go back and edit our post later and put spam links in it ;)
  10. Probably because Mandrake 8.1 is old and won't work on newer hardware. UUID's were not used in Mandrake 8.1, they didn't appear until probably like 10 years later. Migrate your system to a newer version of Linux - Mandrake 8.1 is old, insecure and a security risk, and not going to work on newer hardware.
  11. Hi, I have issue with old mandrake version 8.1 rc1 586 year 2001, - after clone HDD to new one a larger 500GB linux isn't booting up - I tried to clon using norton ghost and other soft, no change - after all I cole partition by bartition in easeus partition magic - what is going on ? do I have to change UUID ? - how to repair linux boot ? regards
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