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Show off your desktop March 2007


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Well, thought I'd start this months thread.


New distro, new desktop, looking quite neat I think :P


Bit on the dark side I know, but just giving Gnome a whirl as I'm mostly a KDE user up until now ;)

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I got the Polycarbonate-Dark from gnome-look a while back. The wallpaper I got through an app in Desktop/Preferences called Art Manager. I dunno if this appears on any other distro, as never seen it before in Gnome.


Maybe it got the wallpaper from gnome-look. It's called Gnome-Caustics. Icon Set also from gnome-look, and called glass-icons.


And yes, my new'ish laptop (had it two months now), and Debian Etch upgraded to Sid. Finally a distro that's just working on this hardware setup.

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Nice wallpaper Darkelve :thumbs:


Here's some more I wrote (though it written for ubuntu I'm 100% that it will work in Debian as well) - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=77694

I'll check these out tomorrow, see if I can get some other stuff added in. Already done the splash and the gdm theme.


Here's my KDE desktop from home, running on Mandriva 2007.

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