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    Pentium 4 2.4GHz
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    nVidia gForce4 128Mb
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    2 Gb
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    2x Western Digital 80GB IDE
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    Mandriva 2009
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    dual head LG Flatron L1750SQ & LG Flatron L1970HR
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    general MS multimedia compatible, 18 extra keys
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  1. I have Mandriva and Ubuntu each with its own /boot directory. The last installed /boot is the active.
  2. Hi, How can I check what was the nVidia legacy driver (96.43.**) supplied with Mandriva One 2009? Thanks..
  3. Check if Gnome packages are installed. Then, start MCC, go to boot section and there you can set an option that will enable desktop and user choice when booting up.
  4. Gnome works weirdly with disk icons, i could never understand it myself. If those discs are mounted and you are able to access them, than it is better to bookmark those locations so you can jump there quickly when you want. Bookmarks will appear in a panel on a left of nautilus window.
  5. I recently installed the new GoogleEarth onmy Mandriva 2009.1 and immediately encountered this problem: wiki articles are displayed in unreadable and ugly font; the GUI theme looks black and not white as it should. Any ideas how to fix that? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  6. Thanks but it is too late, already submitted it for checking... damn the spelling, who cares as long as the code works :P
  7. Personally i don't care much about Google, so I'll keep on using it as long as it meets my needs. I consider every information passed through Internet to be unsafe, so there is nothing new to me. It just amuses me how people react to the statements like - "this company tries to spy on me", "that company tries to spy on you" - like in past the Internet was a vault and now it became compromised. There are no free meals, that is why EVERYTHING you get for free (a property that covers many Internet aspects as well as Google services) might harm you. Anyhow, it was nice to learn few more things about Google...
  8. It was about doing things before there are unquestionable evidences, never mind. So what alternatives to Google products or any other "big brother" internet corporations are there? How to avoid being watched without loosing the quality of life?
  9. Once, racism was a valid theory and many believed in it... Does it answer you question?
  10. So' according to you, Google is bad because the end user is stupid? They might overtake some sensitive information from a user, just as every other internet provider or e-mail provider. Do not store your sensitive data on google's servers. Now, when i'm awake, you still didn't provide me any example of google acting as a "big brother". If you accuse someone - you have to provide evidence, otherwise it is just words...
  11. Do you have some evidence for what you're saying or it is more like a feeling? Can you give some examples for google acting as a "big brother"?
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