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Show off your desktop April 2007

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Wow! Where did you find that foot icon in the upper left corner!? :o

I simply told Mandriva to use the native Gnome-menu instead of the Mandriva menu.;)

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Well, the wallpaper fits Mandriva color-theme.

It just need a mandriva logo and some text, if you give me a link to the wallpaper I'll work magic.

I assume this was for me. My wallpaper is here. But the bad news is :

Personal Use Only - No Redistrubition

Sites redistributing are doing so without permission.

Please remove them from your site or blog.

Thank you for not ripping my site.

See http://www.socksoff.co.uk
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Guest Wyatt

I'm new to linux and have been searching for how to display the text in the top panel that most of you have. How is that done? I'm referring to the "Applications", "System", etc text. I can add the menus, but the panel item is just an icon.


Thanks in advance.

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Guest Wyatt
In Kde you have to right click on the panel you already have (called kicker) and choose Add new panel\Panel. There is a new panel on your old one now. Right click on it and choose Configure to place it somewhere else on the screen and change the size etc.


Yes, I am using KDE and I have added a second panel to the top. However, when I configure it, I don't see a way to change any of the icons to the text.


I added the "Applications" menu by right-clicking the panel > clicked "Add Application to Panel" > clicked "Add this Menu".

When I did this, it added an icon that looks like a folder but I can't find a way to change that icon to a text button.


I'll try GNOME as well since I like that look.

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Just compiled the new version of Audacious (1.3.2) and while I had the source code I changed some of its graphical items.



Click to enlarge



Now it looks sleek and fits my Desktop ^_^

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