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  1. You can run Virtualbox with windows XP inside linux for when you want to game or invest in a service called Cedega I believe which is great from what I hear for gaming... Wine also runs some games and so on.
  2. I see that now. I got that running windows XP was quite easy to setup. I wish I could get Wine to work but this works too... Thanks for suggestion.
  3. Is there a program to convert video files into ready DVD format to burn into DVD inside Nero to play on my standard DVD player? Thanks.
  4. The built in works fine from my test... Should be alright... Try the onboard 2007.1 one and if it gives you headache then try the upgrade.
  5. Only problem for me is with Wine and 2007.1 but I can live without Wine I suppose
  6. Where would the logs be found? And also I cant even run winecfg... It crashes on that command as well... Tried winefile and winecfg both fail misserably :(
  7. Ok reformatted and Wine still giving me problems... I tried going back to .930 or something(previous version that worked fine on 2007.0) and the new one its like .935 or something.... Numbers are most likely wrong but you get idea. Anyways everytime I start it sends me right back to login screen. I'm running standard no 3d or metisse or anything. Note that on 2007.0 it never did this but I feel Wine dosnt like 2007.1. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix?
  8. Nevermind I got it to install by using --buildpkg and built a package for Mandriva 2007 and it installed fine. Thanks anyways.
  9. Ok so here's the deal... I had no problem installing the ATI drivers from website on 2007.0 but on 2007.1 I get this Detected version of X does not have a matching 'x720' directory You may override the detected version using the following syntax: X_VERSION=<xdir> ./ati-driver-installer-<ver>-<arch>.run [--install] The following values may be used for <xdir>: x430 XFree86 4.3.x x430_64a XFree86 4.3.x 64-bit x680 X.Org 6.8.x x680_64a X.Org 6.8.x 64-bit x690 X.Org 6.9.x x690_64a X.Org 6.9.x 64-bit x700 X.Org 7.0.x x700_64a X.Org 7.0.x 64-bit x710 X.Org 7.1.x x710_64a X.Org 7.1.x 64-bit Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.JH4355 It says I can replace but am baffled at what it says right here " You may override the detected version using the following syntax: X_VERSION=<xdir> ./ati-driver-installer-<ver>-<arch>.run [--install] " Can someone break it down for me on how exactly to override so I can install the drivers for my card off the site? Thanks.
  10. If you have the wireless drivers for windows you can just right click the connection thing in taskbar... click configure network.... Wireless... Add windows drivers using ndiswrapper.... click the .inf wireless driver on disc and voilaaa
  11. I just reformatte and saw that, downloaded.... and have to say its working flawlessly... Alot better than the previous version of neroLINUX I had.
  12. I can't remember the error and dont really feel like reinstalling it again to find out. Im just going to reformat clean install of spring... I messed up some system files or something causing a lot of crashes on kopete... opera... and more. Thanks anyways tho.
  13. Well usually you hit printscreen and ksnapshot will popup with the pic you just took of screen and some options.
  14. *Bump* Noone knows or has had any problem with Wine recently?
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