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  1. 2008.1 w/kde 3.5 for me. sorry, i can't use kde4.
  2. maybe my old post here is worth a look. i don't know if it'll work in gentoo. seems like it will as nvidia driver and xorg seem similiar. i do mine a little different but it has all the features, drag windows, seperate backgrounds thru kde control center. 2nd screen defaults to right of, so it isn't necessary to specify in xorg. i just add 3 lines to my xorg. in the Section "Device" Option "TwinView" Option "MetaModes" "1600x1200, 1600x1200" (yours should say "1280x1024, 1280x1024") in the Section "Screen" Subsection "Display" at the default depth or all depths Virtual 3200 1200 (yours should say Virtual 2560 1024) http://img386.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...014jun08mx9.jpg http://img386.imageshack.us/my.php?image=m...034jun08xc9.jpg
  3. hi y'all and happy new year. here's my dual-screen 3200x1200 mandriva one 2008. wallpaper courtesy of http://jbensch.deviantart.com/ running PCLinuxOS Gnome in virtualbox. 1400x1050.
  4. 2008 looks like a winner to me. i might even dig in my pocketbook and join the club. the mandy guys and gals have earned it with this release, imho. good job guys. http://aycu28.webshots.com/image/30227/200...50945258_rs.jpg http://aycu16.webshots.com/image/32015/200...32955866_rs.jpg
  5. 22 guest desktops in virtualbox on a mandriva host http://s229.photobucket.com/albums/ee269/cyberstever/
  6. since reading the distrowatch weekly about 3 weeks ago that said the first beta of mdv08 would be released that next week i got overly excited and began watching the mirror. upon checking the mirror that next week it said the release was moved back. indeed the next distrowatch weekly also reflected as such. upon checking the mirror again the next week the beta was again moved back to aug 01. last night before retiring for much needed sleep i checked the mirror and it said between aug 1 and aug 16. i knew i would wake to a great day. but alas, upon checking the mirror this morning it says aug 6. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg. :o so the moral of this story is, a watched pot never boils. :D so to whom it may concern i'm not complaining i'm just kidding about saying arg but rather i would like to offer my gratitude and well wishes for the great work that is being done. i'm sure 08 will be a superb release. thanks much.
  7. let's try the next batch bonus shot. feisty fawn in a virtual box. dual monitors are very nice for running virtualbox's. notice i used msn live to search for a tux and all i got back was pictures of penguins :lol2: reckon i'll just have to wear one of those to a wedding. :lol2:
  8. 6 virtuals in my pager each with different backgrounds all on a dual monitor setup means i have to post 6 shots, hehe. :D mandriva one 2007.0 uh-oh got an error, too many pics.
  9. am i the only one that likes to use 2 monitors? it's really cool for these types of images. :D http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/4328/dt...timelineep2.jpg
  10. i looked around and found a couple of pages with more info for ya. looks like you can just add another option in the device section. i didn't study this any further for my purposes so i don't know what works. hope it works for you. Option "TwinViewOrientation" "LeftOf" from this page http://pwp.netcabo.pt/0150048402/linux/Mul...tiple_Head.html from this page http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/agave/docs/setup.htm http://www.evl.uic.edu/cavern/agave/vis5d/XF86Config-4.txt
  11. here's how i did mine. i'm running mdv2007 one. this also works in mdv2007 free, mdv2006 free, mdv2005 free, and pclinuxos 0.92. i'm running nvidia fx5200, 2 samsung syncmaster 204t monitors. total resolution = 3200x1200. i did urpmi dkms nvidia to install the driver and allowed the installer to generate xorg which apparently you have already done as you have "nvidia" in the device section. compiz with aiglx works very nicely on 2 screens. it's pretty neat. you may have probs with some applications that don't know where to place their windows on the screen. they will crash and not run. it's rare and the only one i found that won't run is neverball game. there were a couple of others but i forget what. first make a backup of your xorg.conf so basically you just need to add a couple of entries. make sure there are no typos (caps, commas, quotes, spaces, etc) or X won't start. my monitors are 1600x1200, you'll need to add whatever yours is. 1. in the "Device" section add; Option "MetaModes" "1600x1200, 1600x1200" Option "TwinView" this is the trick that fools X into thinking you have 1 monitor. again change these numbers to whatever resolution you're using. just double your width. 2. in the "Screen" section add this line to all depths Virtual 3200 1200 after you save this and restart X you should see the nvidia logo spanning both screens for a second or 2. that's it. it's a thing of beauty, lool. pay close attention to any typographical errors or X won't start. i see a couple of lines that i don't know what effect they will have as i never had to edit them. if you have a problem then maybe they should be changed. in your "ServerLayout" section it says Screen "screen1" 0 0. mine just says Screen "screen1". i don't know if this will conflict with twinview or not. i would remove the 0's. in my "Module" section there's a line about loading libglx.so. i don't know if this is necessary as the next line says load glx. i never had this in my other xorg files and i don't know where it came from. possibly from the nvidia installer. probably wouldn't hurt to add it. sorry about making this post a tutorial, lool. hope it works. here's my xorg. for background wallpapers you'll have to use one image and stretch it to your resolution. you can find some good widescreen papers around the web. some look good some don't. another way is to create a new image in the gimp at whatever resolution you have and layer 2 smaller images into it. this gives the appearence that each monitor has a different wallpaper but is actually one image.
  12. mandriva 2007 one http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/7772/dtop0104mar07zc7.jpg gkrellm, ksnapshot, firefox, icon theme/properties = noia-KDE, konqueror, yakuake. http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/4690/dtop0204mar07tt8.jpg
  13. hi...can i turn off the tool tips in gnome? i don't care for it when scrolling thru the menus. is that what they are called? i don't like anything popping up next to my cursor. edit...found my answer on the ubuntu forums.
  14. made up the captions in case i ever get tempted, loool. http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/3032/dtop0202feb07vq8.jpg
  15. i just did the same thing. i bought a dell 2.2gb, 512ram, 80gb hdd, dvd/cd-rw for $175. got it at a local university property disposition department. they wanted 250 but i had a couple live cd's for testing and got them to knock off $75 and gave them my live cd's, loooool. not a bad trade, loooool. so far i've tried to recover the windows partition table with gpart and testdisk but no luck. no matter, i don't want windows on this machine anyways. i did learn how to use those fine recovery tools tho. now i'm playing around with partition tools. qtparted, gparted, diskdrake. i think i like diskdrake the best. tomorrow i'm gonna try another distro. fun fun fun. so i also think 99 is a little high for what they're offering. another good place to find is your local recycling center. i see alot of good machines get trashed thru the recycle center and my local university.
  16. hi willythec...i don't post much around here (just read) but i'd like to reply to this. i'm pretty new with linux but i've figured out how to get my "twinview" working and i love showing it off, lool. i've been successful helping a couple other people with this so maybe it will help you. i'm running mandriva 2006, nvidia fx5200, 2 samsung syncmaster 20in monitors. 1. my kernel is; @localhost ~]$ uname -r 2.6.12-12mdksmp. you will need the exact kernel source for your kernel for the installer to compile properly. 2. i installed the latest nvidia driver, 8762 i think it is. and allowed the nvidia installer to generate my xorg conf file. 3. i only have 1 monitor, 1 device, and 1 screen sections in my xorg. i don't know how to make a different layout work. 4. the only thing i added were 2 options in the device section; option 'TwinView" option "MetaModes" "1600x1200, 1600x1200" your metamodes would be "1024x768, 1024x768" make sure there are no typos, (caps, comas, quotes, spaces, etc) 5. this is the trick that makes it work. in the screen section change the virtual to 2048x768 at all color depths. mine is 3200x1200. this is what fools xorg to think you have a 2048 pixel wide monitor. it will work as 2 different monitors but xorg thinks it's 1 monitor. 6. the only problem i have is with the background/wallpaper. a 1600 pixel wide image looks funny stretched to 3200 pixels. i simply make my own wallpapers. i layer 2 1600x1200 images onto a 3200x1200 canvas in an image editor, (gimp). this gives appearance that i have 2 different backgrounds on each monitor. works great, lool. 7. make sure you have (load "glx") in the module section. i also changed my vertrefresh in the monitor section to 60 as that's what my monitors wants. here's my xorg; and here's my desktop with gkrellm and liquid weather; 800x600 3200x1200 i got my help from the nvidia message board from a very helpful dev over there. hope this helps.
  17. hi...this is mandriva 2006---nvidia fx5200---"twinview"---homemade wallpaper---1600x1200 images snagged from the web layered to a 3200x1200 canvas.
  18. hi y'all...just got my twinview configured. hey jaraeez, maybe you can tell me how to configure for 2 seperate backgrounds? right now the screen is set to virtual 3200x1200. only way i could get it to work.
  19. hi guys, i thought i should report back. i'm pretty new in the linux world but learning my way around quickly. the reason i wanted to install this driver was so i could have 2 monitors. i have 2 monitors plugged into my nvidia fx 5200 but linux was only working on 1. i found my way to the nvidia forum and asked those guys how to get this done. i had the driver installed ok but it wouldn't work. i needed to edit my xorg conf file. it was a little frustrating not knowing how to do anything but i got the job done. (hooray) so now i know how to change run levels with kedit and how to edit the xorg file with the vi editor and how to generate a bug report and how to change the extension from log to txt, etc. (sheeeesh) i now have a great "twinview" linux desktop. here's the thread over at nvidia if anyone cares to read that; http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=58558 my nic there is "cybrsteve". here's a screenshot;
  20. good evening all, i tried following the guide here for installing the driver for my nvidia card. the nvidia installer needed to install a kernel source. it gave me 3 options. one was a multimedia version. i selected it. now the nvidia installer can't find nvidia.ko. apparently i have the wrong kernel build. i'm guessing at this point that i need to restore my original kernel and then select one of the other options??? if so how would i do this? thanks
  21. thanks guys, i did manage to get it done. i now have mandriva 2006.0 (cooker). there was an option to format existing partitions so i did that. relatively easy really. i only had 2005le about a week anyway so there was nothing to save really. i'm pretty new at linux so i'm just learning my way around. there's alot of new applications to learn, loool. there's also alot of tweaking and configuring i need to do. sheesh i'm fussy, lool. so i'm working on all my firefox extensions and plugins slowly. then i'm gonna work on getting the nvidia driver installed. it wants me to exit out of X first whatever that is. i need to work on the fonts also. i'll get there slowly but surely. thanks again.
  22. hi everyone, for reference i'm still somewhat of a computer novice. i've only owned a computer less than 2 years now. sitting in front of my monitor has become quite the hobby for me. i can't wait to get home from work and "log on", lol. i'm learning my way around very nicely. i mainly just surf the web, lurk the message boards, download and play with lots of freeware, and chitchat with some newfound internet buddies. installing mandriva le2005 recently was a big giant step forward in my computer exploration. if i can do it anyone can do it, lol. i didn't choose "mandy" but rather it chose me. the words on the front of linux-format magazine implied that anyone can do it with their step by step guide. so i paid the twenty US dollars for the rag and raced home to "git er done". i now know that i could have downloaded the iso and burned it much cheaper but the rag came with the 4 cd's and a pictorial guide for installing so i reckon it was worth it to get me over the first hurdle of how to do it. i now have a nice dual boot system with mandriva 2005le and windows xp. now for my questions. as i understand things, 2006 will be available to the general public in a few weeks and includes some plugins and drivers that i currently do not have in my 2005. i'm talking about the JRE plugin and the flash player plugin. also the nvidia driver. so my questions are; should i just wait for 2006 rather than trying to learn how to get these into 2005 or go ahead and try to learn? also the biggest question; when 2006 becomes available to me how exactly do i install it? will i just "go over the top" or do i need to uninstall 2005? thanks from a new linux explorer.
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