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  1. I would go with the "newest" version...Currently it's 10.1, but like mentioned above, it's still in testing phase. I don't know if 10.0 supports 64 bit processors though...Anybody confirm?
  2. Could it be that your route shows as your router? You have it listed in your resolv.conf as You may want to check that out. It seems as though everything else is in order, although I'm not a networking guru.
  3. Good info. I've often wondered what /proc was (I knew it meant processes), but never explored it. This little tip helped out a bunch.
  4. How about beginning to learn about how things work. Getting to know how things work, makes it easier to manage your own system, and makes (at least me) appreciate my system more. Links like this are very useful as a reference, or general knowledge. It has helped me out a bunch. :D
  5. I support Firefox...It's my favorite for Linux & Windoze too.
  6. Configure panel => Layout => Appearance => Advanced Options =>Applet Handles (choose hide to get rid of them...). Hope that helps...
  7. A tar file is a zipped archive file that you need to extract to install. A RPM file (Redhat Package Manager) is an executable file that you can just click and install. Since you have a tar.gz file, if my instructions aren't easy enough for you to follow, I would google tar and see if there's any better explanation online somewhere. Sometimes you can also open tar files with konquerer to view the contents inside. I would do that, and look for a readme file. Normally readme files tell you exactly how to install your file.
  8. It seems to me that anybody with a little experience with Linux, and a boot disk could change a root password, and get into anything they wanted on your pc....There's gotta be more security than that.
  9. Thanks, Kastorff. Glad to see you here...
  10. mtaylor57

    New to linux

    You should also add in if you've got DHCP or static IP, and if you're behind a router, or connecting straight through...
  11. I have run different distros on different laptops for a while now (I'm actually posting from a MDK 10 laptop). Suppossedly HP/Compaq is selling a Laptop with Linux pre-installed now...Maybe I can find an article...
  12. Go into your GUI, open up konquerer, and find your file where it's extracted. Double click on the firefox.sh file. It should run for you there...
  13. I'm running MDK 10 official on a Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop at work. It's a PIII 550, and it works flawlessly (so far). I have 2 comps at home (SuSE 9.0 pro, and WinXP Pro on a P4, and a P3). Trying to dump Windoze, but wifey won't do it. I have gotten her to use Firefox though. It's a step in the right direction.
  14. What type of file is it? If it's a RPM, then you can just double click it...If it's a tar.gz (or similar) you will have to extract, etc. from the command line. tar -zxvf yourFileName.tar.gz cd /into new directory created ./configure make make install make clean I would do some research first before trying this if you haven't done it before. Check and see if there's a readme file with the drivers. That's ususlly your best bet if there's any particular install instructions. Good luck.
  15. Isn't there a dMSN also? I just use Kopete, or GAIM...
  16. So far so good. I like the automatic extension installer (which won't install anything without your permission by the way). I went to a site that needed flash, and it asked if I wanted to install it, and after a yes click, I was ready to go. One thing that does suck, is that it doesn't support crystal themes...A minimal issue. I like it so far! :D
  17. Here's mine...I guess you could say that I made it. It's a pic of my daughter when she was about 3 months old. :D
  18. I can tell you that I'm running 2.6 kernel, and all of my drivers, screens, etc. were detected by MDK. I think it is your 3rd option, and you should play with the settings until you get it right. FWIW, I never did see a rainbow when I tested my screen settings, but I can boot into GUI mode. Maybe you should run xf86config (somebody jump in if there's a better way) and make sure that you put in your refresh rates, and all of your information properly. I'm very new to Mandrake, and don't know all of the different CLI programs to help with your screen problems (coming from SuSE where they use Sax from the command line). I would google your computer, and make sure that you find all of your information (as mentioned above) just so you get the right parameters in the system.
  19. I wonder if this can be done with this whole "google hack" thing...
  20. Awesome, I can't wait to try it out.
  21. Try using the S3 Savage (generic sw) graphics card driver. I have a Tecra 8100 that had issues setting up screen resolution for. I'm running 1024 x 768 at 16 bits right now, and it works fine for me. I also told it to set up Toshiba TOS5082 monitor...I don't know what yours is though...I hope that helps.
  22. Have you tried installing them from your install cd-roms? Or possibly doing a system update?
  23. Right-click your panel, Add to panel->Actions->Show Desktop Directions are for Gnome, but I think KDE would be the same...
  24. mtaylor57

    Gstreamer 0.8

    Why don't you try urpmi? Doesn't it get all of the dependencies with the prog?
  25. mtaylor57

    Long bootup

    I think that by assigning an IP address (static), your initialization of eth0 would be quicker. If you're using DHCP, though, you might have to just wait...
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