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  1. Guys, This is straight from Ryan Gordon, "...so stop sending me email suggesting that Microsoft is paying to block this." http://icculus.org/cgi-bin/finger/finger.pl?user=icculus :D
  2. Thanks :D . Also in the future, the LIFLG official page will update the Glest installer to match the new version after more testing feedback: http://www.liflg.org/?catid=6&gameid=58
  3. Glest can be found in this thread, although it should be updated to version 2.0 by now: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=25109 The 2.0 upgrade has added a number of new buildings and units which shifted the balance and dynamic of the gameplay quite a bit.
  4. Warcraft fans and C&C gamers would enjoy this - the GPL RTS game Glest version 2.0 has been released recently. And now you have a Loki installer for the Linux version to test it out: Loki installer for the Linux version of Glest 2.0: http://www.glest.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=1204 More screenshots and information can be found here: http://www.glest.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=586 http://www.glest.org/en/index.html PS: Btw, the game has won the "PlayStation ArtFutura Video Game Design Award" granted by SONY in Spain: http://www.glest.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=429
  5. Just found this in Wikipedia and search on Google: there is a new Firefox extension called ODFReader: http://www.alcoholicsunanimous.com/odfreader/ https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/morei...firefox&id=1888 http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/F...eader_extension The extension is still very early in development and needs more effort to further its progress. It will go a long way to help the spread of ODF if everybody can read it without downloading the 70-100MB+ OpenOffice.org main program (at least on Windows or Mac), when a 20-200kb+ Firefox extension can do the job.
  6. Good work tubasoldier, I'll try it tomorrow.
  7. Or try this command: $ oowriter --lang=en
  8. Very likely. The PS3 made use of a nVidia GPU and should SONY feel ok with it nVidia would provide Linux drivers for the graphics unit and such. In addition, I don't think the line between console and PC are clear anymore with such powerful configuration came with the latest console. Either Linux will come in the form of a Live! CD or with an add-on harddrive installation.
  9. Only two so far: UT 2003 NeverWinter Nights I probably will get UT 2004 sometime later. Also I am _very_ interested in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Just wish that the Linux client will come out the same time when the game release in 2006.
  10. As for the Creative Sound Blaster issue, have you checked your mixer and ensure the volume is not muted?
  11. Maybe it doesn't look into that directory. You may want to use a full path when loading the soundfont, like this: asfxload /usr/share/sounds/sf2/soundfont.sf2
  12. I am curious if it could be configured to work on WINE/Cedega too. Since FF VI/ FF VIII won't work on Windows XP I gather Linux is the only viable solution - as there's no way I would go back to Windows 98 :-D .
  13. Now you believe the prophecy of Penguin bringing balance back to the Force. Time for a beer. :)
  14. Great job Lärs. This is the general software how-to I've been trying to work on. Do you know if there is any method to launch fluidsynth and load the soundfont (eg. 8MBGMSFX.sf2) with a single command? This will be handy for preloading soundfont when the system boots up.
  15. Ok, here's the full discussion of the problem: http://archives.mandrakelinux.com/cooker-i...10/msg00004.php
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