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  1. Just that, how the heck do i change the language in Firefox (or where do i download the language pack as i used to do)?? also, i cant seem to find the localized build in spanish (any version).
  2. HI, well, thats real bad... we better wait fo that mobo replacement! update as soon as you have news :)
  3. Thats waaaaaay to extreme... i dont think the distribution is not supporting those cards... its really hard to believe... Anyway, the best solution (at least a "posible" contrary to replacing the card!) is to do this: First, What kernel are you running? the last official? if not, upgrade to it or compile your own. Second, Xfree or Xorg? Do you added the corresponding lines to the config files (/etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/XF86Config-4) after installing the drivers?? Third, what are the ATI drivers version you are using? Regards!
  4. Hi! Ive got your answers Gowaitor...i mean, Gowator :) I dont plan to use it in 5 years as a server, probably i will be using it for 10 years.. thats a problem if i dont have supported hardware :) Jokes a side, i really dont know what will happen in 5 years, but the Video of the nForce2 motherboard is a GF4MX so its not so bad and if nVidia doesnt die like Voodoo, well, i might have some drivers to use it in the future. If not, there is always a good old Linux distribution with some X and Vesa compatible stuff. Actually, i pass every PC i had (or mother or anything i upgrade) to my father's computer, or my brother's one. So i usually dont throw things away. Actually.. never. --- thanks for the info on that! --- Hi, i already _trust_ the A7V8X-MX, and i already found some information about it, i was more worried in the nForce 2 mobo, the A7N8X-VM, as this is more hard to find information, actually, about this particular motherboard i found almost nothing... but i did find some information about nForce2, the problem is mainly that i cannot seem to find some usefull Linux/nForce2 IGP information, as this chip is not too common, less in the Linux world. Though i have read lots of information about nForce2 SPP in the windows world and enough in the Linux. But this last one, doesnt have an integrated graphic card. Also most of the problems and things i found, are really outdated... so i dont know how the new nForce drivers work with the old problems.. but i guess they do it quite nice as there seems to be almost no _new_ problems. --- Now back with Gowator! Mostly.. actually the only reason is money and urgency. By the way, i dont plan to pull the cables off :) Asus is a good brand, and i dont think they would do a bad product, even if it is for the low budget segment. If they use a bad chipset is another story. This kind of problems are from old and real low budget motherboards, as PC Chips and such.. i used to have one, although it was with windows and wasnt so bad... choppy sound and slow video, but worked... Any wya, as i sayd, this are Asus mothers and the chipsets are solid and stable, as they are almost the same as the high end ones, except for some less features (sata, firewire or those things) and integrated video. Well... maybe in the US its not a big saving.. but i dont have the great online stores and free shipping you do... i have to buy to a real bastard that increases the price a lot or sells without a ticket if i want to save some money (and this last one thing i wont do)... For example, the Samsung 955DF you can buy it for around 200 dollars, here it is 280 U$S. The A7n8X-vm is 115 U$S while at amazon is 90U$S... And so and forth... i have to but the mother, the processor, the memory, the HD, the case and a modem... if you increase the price in each just 5 dollars, its a total of 25 dollars, which is 75 pesos... and thats a lot... so imagine if you increse more than 5 in some items. I have to save in everything i can, but i want quality products, thats why i prefer to spend more on a good mother (as the two stated here) and buy a slower processor. --- Low cost board are not good at all, i dont want real low performance and poor stability... Im naming a real good brand as ASUS and two major chipsets as VIA KM400 and nForce2 IGP, they are not bad stuff!! the point here was to choose beatween them! Not to start thinking in another options.. unless you tell me a good alternative with name and number! This are not the cheapes mobos on the block, im considering them coz they are good and have a good price, not because they are cheap. I could get a "whole in one" with an integrated processor for about half the money this mobos cost... so, im not thinking in acquiring a bad product.. just wanted the best of the two. Hope i didnt sound rude or anything, i dont think so and i didnt wanted to, but there is always room for misinterpretations, i really apreciate all the feedback and thank you a lot for taking the time posting it.
  5. ! yeah i always thought they where a nightmare, but well... like everything, when thats the way to go, then... the faster the better :) Anyway, i have updated the first post to reflect my current situation, so i wont say it twice writing it here. Breafly, the thing is between two motherboards, Asus A7N8X-VM/400 which costs 105 bucks and Asus A7V8X-MX at 77 bucks, the first with AMDs nForce2 and the later with VIAs KM400 chipsets. Lets hear what people have to say about this two... hopefully it will bring some comments on compatibility, being this whats more important to me.
  6. Hi, well i found ZERO googling... all the cheap mobos links lead to useless information... im asking at LinuxQuestions to see if someone there can provide some info, i also chequed the compatibility list there, and its pretty new so there is not much. Im in a hurry right now, so i will reply Ixthusdan now and leave place gowators reply on hold! Ixthusdan your answer was... "Enlightening" :) :lol:
  7. hi! Thanks for the input... I should comment on some facts: Ive been reading some comments i found in Google, but i wanted to see if there were any from people around the board. now some details: 1st, I already have a monitor. keyboard and mice, ohh and case. So there is no extra cost. Thats a good thing coz i might be able to extend the limit a bit. 2nd, Ive found that having something _upgradeable_ its not worth it (at least not for that particular "feature"), technology advances much more faster than my savings for new components, and i always end with an un-upgradable PC due to older hardware being expensive or unavailable (actual one: P3 500@733mhz, 256mb, 15+20gb HDDs, geforce2mx)... 3rd, Ive no prior experience with integrated mainboards and Linux, but i do with Windows and i really didnt had such a bad one, although it were other times and the only integrated feature was Sound and Video... 4th, Today integrated mainboard are _a lot more integrated_ than before, they include from modems, video, ethernet, sound and maybe something else im forgeting... so i dont think i can find one without an integrated ethernet or modem unless i go with an nForce mobo, which are pretty expensive i should add, as they include geForce4mx as video... but this is good inexpensive video card, so i might prefer this to buying a $80 Radeon 9200 and spend a little extra on a modem or ethernet card ( i should add that i have Dial-Up and a LAN with a P133 windows pc) Well, i guess that all the points i wanted to make clear... anyway, it seems there arent much people using cheap mobos with Linux around here... i will post any good info i find googling... Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the reply! So, no one else is using an integrated mainboard?? Come on, its not embarrassing or anything to say you have a chip mobo :)
  9. Dont know if it comes installed by default in MDK 10, but try running xev in a Konsole and a little white window should appear, place your pointer over it, and every time you press a key it will display the keycode and some more info, if the key "works" then it should appear, and you should have a look at KDE Control Center or even to your MDK Control Center for the keyboard layout... check its a US English 101 keys and not a 105. good luck!
  10. check your /etc/X11/XF86Config (it might be called XF86Config-4 too) for this lines: The line required for the wheel to work is the bolded one. The others depend on your system so dont change them on your file. The mouse section (core pointer bla bla) is around line 215 in the file. good luck!
  11. sud_crow

    SyncMaster monitor

    Do you mean you have refresh rates problems (like rain all over the screen or lines going up and down)??? It would be good if you could post some info on your system... video card, the monitor model (551v, 753s/dfx, 953df...).... The problem is with your XF86Config file, you should run xf86config and have your monitor and video card manuals at hand when you do it... If you want to do it at hand... have a look at my monitor and video sections in the XF86Config file (it may be called XF86Config-4 also), you can find the file here: /etc/X11/XF86Config # ********************************************************************** # Monitor section # ********************************************************************** # Any number of monitor sections may be present Section "Monitor" Identifier "Samnsung550v" # HorizSync is in kHz unless units are specified. # HorizSync may be a comma separated list of discrete values, or a # comma separated list of ranges of values. # NOTE: THE VALUES HERE ARE EXAMPLES ONLY. REFER TO YOUR MONITOR'S # USER MANUAL FOR THE CORRECT NUMBERS. HorizSync 30-50 # HorizSync 30-64 # multisync # HorizSync 31.5, 35.2 # multiple fixed sync frequencies # HorizSync 15-25, 30-50 # multiple ranges of sync frequencies # VertRefresh is in Hz unless units are specified. # VertRefresh may be a comma separated list of discrete values, or a # comma separated list of ranges of values. # NOTE: THE VALUES HERE ARE EXAMPLES ONLY. REFER TO YOUR MONITOR'S # USER MANUAL FOR THE CORRECT NUMBERS. VertRefresh 50-100 EndSection The comments are all from the file, the two lines not commented are the ones i wrote, that is the range for the horizontal and vertical refresh rates... your monitor manual should say the lowest and highest (if you dont have the manual, check the website). later!
  12. HI all, Im thinking in assembling a _really_ low budget PC... so im looking at several integrated mainboards, the problem is that with all the generic stuff out in the open, is hard to know if it will work ok with Linux... do you have any experience or recommendations on this?? This is in what ive been thinking... I already searched google with no success so ***, please input something if you have had any expirience with any of this two motherboard or chipsets in Linux: * Mother ASUS A7V8X-MX http://www.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=A7V8X-MX&langs=01 * Mother ASUS A7N8X-VM/400 http://www.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=A7N8X-VM/400&langs=01 The two include audio/video/lan/sound and a 8x agp slot. So, what do you think? Is nForce2 up to VIAs KM400 compatibility? *** Here is a link to a totally FAKE compatibility test... http://www.linuxtested.com/results/asus_a7n8x-vm.html To name a few things: 1)The NorthBridge of this mobo is nForce2 IGP _not_ SPP 2) It has TWO Dimm sockets, _not_ three 3) It has THREE PCI slots, _not_ five... And you are supposed to pay :deal: to this people so they review the requested product... Anyway, we will leave this issue for another thread!
  13. Actually i use Enlightenment... and tryed a couple of times to set up the "multimedia" keys i have in my current keyb and never succed to make them work... I have one question remaining... the life of the keyboard and mouse... How long do the batteries last in each device?? LiquidZoo?
  14. Thanks guys... I just found out that they can be connected via PS/2 also, so i prefer this and will go with it. They do have some custom drivers, but they are for some special hotkeys i think and the extra buttons on the mouse.. is there a way to use this things without the drivers?? Liquid: I was thinking in acquiring Access Duo but i really think "natural" keybs are something usefull thats why i went with this version, as im investing a lot of money (a normal keyb here is around 4 US dollars and this one is costing me around 66 USS and its used.) i thought i would better buy what i really wanted :) Thanks again!
  15. Im thinking in acquiring Logitech Freedom Pro mouse and Keyboard, they are wireless and connect via USB, does anyone have any experience on this??? I really like this keyb and mouse, and if they dont work, i might end buying something from... yes, M$... they suck doing OSs, but their keybs along with Logitech ones are the best ergonomics i have seen.
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