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  1. He's right here. In regards to your original question (if you do end up having both OS's), definitely put one on each hard drive. Linux likes to play with the master boot record, and since windows is figety about wanting to be on the primary master, it's boot record also likes to be there. If linux overrwites the MBR, Windows won't want to boot. You'd have to re-write it by booting up with the windows install disk and repairing, then going back into it and adding the linux boot option. Not a hard task, but who wants to go through more work than needed? Installing one on each drive eliminates at least this possible dilemma.
  2. Alright, with the SB Live 5.1 card installled and the onboard sound disabled, all sounds -except- for kopete work (from what I can tell). Kopete will play sounds when I click the "test sound" button in the options dialogue, but they won't actually play in the application. Any ideas?
  3. Nevermind, it's not giving an error anymore. I'll just re-install my sound blaster card and disable the onboard audio through the bios. I can't get system sounds or kopete sounds this way, but at least it plays music etc..
  4. Oh wow, there is an error message When loading alsamixer, it now says: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: no such device and when I loaded it last time, I saw on the still-open command window that it couldn't find the sound card to load the mixer to.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I've done all that already :( The speakers are plugged in correctly, Alsa is running fine, and the mixer is set correctly.
  6. Besides making sure everything is correct in the sound card area of hardware, where else in MCC do I go to set it up?
  7. I tried that too, no such luck. Thanks though
  8. Thanks for the reply. I already have set up the soundcard with alsaconf, and made sure it's not muted with alsamixer. I looked in the hardward profile for my sound card in MCC as well, all looks fine. No errors have ever come up. Still no sound though :/
  9. Hello all, I just put a new system together which has the SIS SI7012 sound card built onboard. Alsaconf detects the sound card and the mixer shows everything should be fine, however no sound will come out. Anybody know of any issues with Mandrake 10.0 and this sound card? I've got the sound system turned on and set to ALSA, and the ALSA service is running as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! BTW: It's using the snd-Intel8x0 driver Thanks
  10. Side Note: Running Apache2 The commonhttpd.conf is correctly pointing to the cgi-bin directory as well. (commonhttpd.conf is an include specified in httpd2.conf)
  11. In firefox / netstcape (doesn't work in IE for some reason...trying to find out why) go to www.componentconcepts.com You'll notice in the products section, it doesn't pull products up because it can't find the cgi-bin files. Though, the files are there! Permissions are set correctly, and the mod_cgi.so file is being loaded when httpd starts. Anybody know why it won't find the files? It worked fine before... the .js file that loads the cgi is pointing to "/cgi-bin/cgifile"
  12. It is part of the / partition, but the weird thing is that partition has 6GB of space. Only about 800MB are being used...so there's always over 5GB of space available. Even with that much available, the /var/log folder will stop httpd from running if it gets more than 20 logs (on average). Is there somewhere that specifies the maximum space allowed for the /var/log folder? Like in windows, how it only allows a certain amount of space for the trash bin etc...
  13. Hi all, I've realized that every week or so, my apache server cannot start httpd because the /var/log folder fills up, and gives the error: If I delete the appropriate logs from this directory, httpd will start agan. It stands to reason that if I can allocate more space to /var/log, the folder wouldn't fill up and my website wouldn't go down every week or so. Anybody know how this can be done? Thanks!
  14. Hi everybody, I can't run the httpd2 service on my webserver because somehow the folders got deleted. Furthermore, postgresql won't start because it needs me to change the password...though I never set one in the first place, and it won't let me login without one. 2 questions: How do I reset / recover my postgresql password How do I reinstall just httpd2 Thanks!
  15. Ok, well, it seems as though it's not as easy as just reinstalling httpd2 and postgresql. For one, postgresql (even after reinstall) is asking for a password even when I log in through root...and since I've never set a password...it won't let me in. (even if I just press enter, to accept no password). And I can't see how it's possible to reinstall just httpd2...any ideas? I only need these two services to be running again! bleh...
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