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  1. As above, or you can use the following to stop and restart ifdown xxxZ where xxx is the interface (eg ppp opr eth) and Z is the number of said interface (eg 0, 1, 2 etc) To restart it ifup xxxZ
  2. You are trying to run a component file rather than the full installer. Use firefox-installer , not firefox-installer-bin . I may have this backwards - it may be the other way around. Is there a reason you were going to install this as root?
  3. What do y'all think? I like it so far :D
  4. nocturnes

    Cable Connection

    http://praguespringpeople.org/Struan/Softw...torola-SB4200E/ Try this place
  5. I know enough about what I am doing - trouble is there are NO switches or pins on the thing to reset the BIOS. Painful I know. I could always try removing and reinstalling the battery as well I guess. Or pulling the BIOS chip itself. The disks will be here somewhere, but of course with only Linux on the system I have little chance of running an MSDOS batch file. Unless I can somehow get it to work under Wine or Dosbox.
  6. This system is a 1.2 Athlon running on a VIA chipset. Unfortunately it has a nasty Gateway BIOS (and they are no help at all if you don't run windows) which must be upgraded. Currently it does not havean option to turn off P'n'P. Seriously. My thought is that P'n'P is "always on" in a Gateway system. Does anyone know much about this - or if trying to upgrade it (if I can even find an upgrade) is plausible?
  7. That plug'n'play OS thing is a killer. I wonder if that is my problem. Unbfortunately the sh***y Gateway Bios does not have an option to turn it off. I will have to see if I can get an update for it somewhere
  8. I second what LiquidZoo said and add - what sort of filesystem are you running on your XP install?
  9. "I logged into XP today" Now sit down quietly while I get you a strong drink. I can only imagine the horror! edited to fix terrible spelling
  10. It sounds like Bellsouth (and I am on their ADSL as well) have sold you a lemon in some respects. They supplied me with an external Westell modem which configured easily. Is there any chance of you contacting them to see if you can get an external - it is much more secure anyway
  11. Hopefully the OP is still here and with us. If so... Ignore the modem driver - you do not need the thing Focus on getting the NIC working correctly, then ignore Mandrake's (what I consider to be) shonky ADSL setup via MCC. Instead, open a console and use adsl-setup as root then to make it work adsl-start to stop (useful if not on a static IP and your connection seems to fail adsl-stop also of help if on a dynamic IP route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx from running ifconfig and using the values for ppp0
  12. Is there any way to utilise Photoshop action files in The Gimp? I ask because I found a great theme for a phpBB I have, but altering some of the graphics (while retaining the rest of it) requires using this type of file.
  13. Works for me. Maybe a temporary outage?
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