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  1. If your having that many problems... I would go for a clean install. Things always seem to work out better each time you install :) I still use Mandrake 10.1 myself cause as they say... "If it ain't broke... don't fix it"
  2. Story #1 posted there: RadioShack Saves Millions of Dollars by Choosing Windows Over Linux Yeah... RadioShack... LOL and Seems their whole decision was based on having to retrain their "burger flipping" staff and they never really had answered their own questions as to what the real cost of this switch was. Yeah... right. Pure 100% FUD.
  3. scoopy

    Linux Partitions

    Welcome to MUB, "SD" partitions are for "Special Devices" such as External Harddrives and CF cards. Your "normal" partitions are usually on "HDA" or the main harddrive. Tho I prefer Arctic's method personnally, you can also enter the following via a terminal window to list your harddrive's partitions and it will give you some usefull info: df sda1 and sda6 should be on the same drive... where sdb will be another drive. You have any USB drives, card readers, zip drives, etc. installed on this system?
  4. You may be able to use the gimp too. I haven't tried yet, but there is a plugin to read and write pdf files. http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=195
  5. I don't think any RPM's are available for this yet and thus it will not update via URPMI... checkout this thread: https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtopic=29585
  6. Maybe we should post our comments there and attempt to enlighten this writer ? http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/software/os/0,3...39237416,00.htm
  7. ahhhh..... I bet that is going to help us here ;)
  8. The only other thing I see different between our config files is line 82. Mine looks like this: $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type'] = 'cookie'; Have we verified MySQL is running ? In a terminal... su to root and type in this: service mysql status If so, it will say, "mysqld (pid #) is running..." Otherwise, I am running out of ideas.
  9. Try this: In your config.inc.php file change line 36 to this (assuming your path/ setup is the same)" $cfg['PmaAbsoluteUri'] = ''; and then try logging in with user root and a blank password field.
  10. you can check what password it is expecting in the file config.inc.php that can be found at: file:/var/www/html/admin/phpMyAdmin/ look around line 84 and yes... root is the default username.
  11. good idea aioshin :) [scoopy@localhost scoopy]$ rpm -qa | grep php apache2-mod_php-2.0.50_4.3.8-2mdk php-mysql-4.3.8-1mdk php-xml-4.3.8-1mdk libphp_common432-4.3.8-3.3.101mdk phpMyAdmin-2.6.0-1mdk php-ini-4.3.8-1mdk
  12. It all really depends on what you want from this site. There are many CMS apps to choose from and http://www.opensourcecms.com/ is a good place to find "the right tool for the job." I have been preferring either Drupal or even WordPress for professional business type of sites. Yes... Wordpress is designed for bloggers... but it is easy to customize and has worked well for these types of sites also.
  13. Is port 8080 open ? Depending on your network setup there... You may need to forward this port to this computer running popfile ?
  14. Maybe some more info would be of use to help troubleshoot what has gone wrong? /* URL from top of head */ Do you get anything by going to ? such as the login box ? or any error message ? Do you get the apache test page at ? I am not familiar with anything Mandriva 2006 may have done... as I am still using Mandrake 10.1 ;)
  15. I think this should be easily fixed by editing your fstab file (in /etc). Your drive's mount points have probably changed when adding that other drive and needs to be updated in this file. If you post the contents of this file... I am sure someone will be able to fix this problem. PS: I just recently tossed about 6 CD burners myself. They were all different brands and seem to be the first thing to go... usually right after the warrenty expires ;) PSS: Hello AussieJohn ;)
  16. Just to double check... in your bios... is this configured to first boot from CD, then from FLOPPY, then from HD... in that order ? otherwise, it may be going straight to the HD to boot the system it finds there... which in your case, is the UNIX system you have installed.
  17. I don't think anyone mentioned this yet ??? But which FireFox package are we running ? I have had better results installing the one from their website as opposed to the Mozilla-Firefox RPM that came with Mandrake 10.1 or previous.
  18. I think I have stumbled upon another part of the settlement. Seems they have handed over all their Mandrake domains to The Hearst Corporation a few days ago. I really don't know why they would want them... as they are set to expire in just a few months anyhow. Paul... guard our "drake" domain with your life (or another admin of your choosing)
  19. and don't worry about that "Bad signiture" message you get. A lot of us just ignore that and usually just means we never set up the key to the download site. Just continue on. :D
  20. That would be something you get when you mistype your login. I would double check what my logins are and verify whether the caps lock is on/off. Remember they are case sensitive.
  21. hi kristi, Maybe try using Wordpad... instead of Notepad. Wordpad makes my Linux text files easier to read in Windows.
  22. Never heard of "first rights or one-time rights" eh, which is a popular method used with newspapers and magazines. Who wrote this article ? Maybe if we ask nicely, they will let us run a copy with proper credit due of course? Could be good "PR" for the writer.
  23. I'll second that ! Thermal paste, heatsink, and working fan are vital to making your system purrrr (unless you buy a cheap fan and then it will make loud growling noises).
  24. Yes is fine... we all ignore the "bad sig" message. I am thinking your "Van Halen" problem may be with the monitor. Double check the connection with the wire on both ends. I would then double check that you have the right monitor selected in MCC with the correct frequencies and such.
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