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  1. I am in the process of doing other work So far , my first 2 attempts with inkscape resulted in this : and this :
  2. yes, designer and photographer. discovered Inkscape recently and it is really good to ink and color drawings. B)
  3. Not sure if it is the right place to post this message, but i give it a go. Took me a long time to make my tablet work and to familiarise myself with inkscape. However i think i have the hang of it now. Here is one of my few creation done entirely in Inkscape under Mandriva Spring 2007: What do you guys think. :mellow:
  4. i am sorry, but from the time i had all the requirements done and i started to launch the process from ./configure , it took 2 hours for my machine to compile and install scribus from the source. HARDLY 1 minute.
  5. amazing, i was able to compile scribus after having had to download 700 mb OF Development packages. it was a very strenuous experience. no wonder people stick to windows or mac. i wasted all my evening to install scribus and after that i too tired and p*&"£ed of to do something on it. Linux is defintely NOT READY for the common user, like all distros want to make us believe, it is still aimed to the fervent computer geek. i am again very much disapointed. like i said before, id rather spend my time using the DTP and graphic software raher than wasting time trying to install them.
  6. all right, i finished installing the sdk packages and when i want to install qtlib, it tells me : i am stuck again, 602 mb downloaded and installed for nothing.
  7. where is exactly that bloody information on what is wrong with with the installation ???
  8. all right i have installed all development packages i can find. now when i run ./configure, here is what it tells me : and however when i tried to install the packages, it tells me that they are already installed, i.e : so i am at a loss again. i don't understant all that hassle to install just one software. help please. :wall: :wall:
  9. i already have installed the devel packages suggested (qt3, cups, python, ghostscript ) which other one do i need to install then ? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  10. ok i tried it again by unpacking with Ark. Now i enter the following command : however, this is what is displayed : here is what it says in the config file : i am at a loss. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hi, the file is a tar.bz2, i downloaded it from the sourceforge website and tried to uncompress it(by entering tar -xjvf /home/nova/download/scribus- however this is what i got when i try it : tar: /home/nova/download/scribus- Cannot open: No such file or d irectory tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now tar: Child returned status 2 tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors any idea what is wrong ?
  12. well, i have installed the scribus version going through the steps you describe. however, i downloaded the tar version of scribus 13.3.9 and this is this version that i do not know how to install since it is a .tar file. i look for a rpm version of the scribus but was not successful in finding one.
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