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  1. Faizan, Seriously, you should get a Creative Labs Sound Blaster sound card. It has always been Linux friendly. You should be able to get the cheapest one for about $20.00 US dollars. It will cure you sound problems fast. I did a Google search for your motherboard and it shows that you might have a Realtek onboard sound card? If so it should work with Mandriva, also. Later. Pepse.
  2. Well, I put in a power supply and tried to do an upgrade, but like before it would just hang when it got to the partitioning screen. So, I rebooted and went with the noapic, but it still wouldn't do an "upgrade". So, I rebooted and went with noapic and formatted/installed MDV again. It worked but with one nagging problem. It will not shut down unless I push the button. This Gigabyte mobo has an Intel 865 chipset. Any ideas? Or should I just wait until MDV 2008, and hope they have a Kernel that can deal with APIC? Later. Pepse.
  3. As for the Cache, I think the 256 megs of cache should be more, or the same, as the 1.33 Ghz AMD XP CPU I had in the old board. I got to thinking that I will wait until later in the week, unless my next point is deemed unneccessary, as I have a power supply that is less than what Gigabyte recommended for this mobo. I am under the minimum Amperage on 2 of 3 areas. And I do occasionally get a beep code for the power supply. But now that I think of it I seem to remember that this Kernel 2.6.17, has problems with APIC. So I will probably just go ahead and upgrade Tuesday. I just found out a while ago that LINDVD doesn't work when trying to play a movie. So, unless it is deemed neccessary for me to wait until I get the new PS in I'll go for it tomorrow. Later. Pepse.
  4. I will give it a try and let you know. Pepse.
  5. I upgraded my motherboard from a Gigabyte AMD type MOBO to a Gigabyte socket 775 MOBO with a Celeron D 3.33 Ghz CPU. That is the only major change, everything else is still the same; RAM, snd card, Vid card, hard drive. Mandriva runs like crap. It loads alot slower and the Bookmarks tab in Mozilla freezes Mozilla when trying to click the tab (mozilla's only help is all win related). When trying to send anything to the trash it takes a few (yes a FEW) minutes. So, as for Mozilla I figured I would remove it and re-install it from the DVD. It sorta re-installed. Because I removed Mozilla through the package removal area it also removed a lot of files like parts of Open Office, and some other things. When trying to re-install all those things, which amounts to 1.1 Gigabytes (200 plus files), it gets about 1/3 of the way loading then it hangs and won't do anything else. So, after a lot of frustration I decided to re-install MDV. Well, I can't do that as when it gets to the partitioning the hard drive it hangs there and does nothing. What in the heck is going on??? It is acting more like windows 98 than Linux. I was able to get my win XP hard drive going good. I never had this happen with MDK Os's. They detected everything new and boom I was running in no time. Later. Pepse. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  6. The problem is that with MDV 2007.0 when I go to view the pictures I have in my /home/jim/Pictures (I have many, many pics), I can only view one at a time. With all previous versions of MDV/MDK I could click on one pic and just scroll through the rest. Also, with GIMP as the default viewer when I open my Picture folder I do not have a viewable thumbnail. So, if I remove GIMP would I then be able to set Kwickshow as the default viewer? It is a hassle to click on each pic to see which one it is. I have looked around as best I can to try and have Kwickshow as the viewer but couldn't find anything. Later. Pepse.
  7. Mark as Case Closed :D . Pepse.
  8. Well, that sounds good enough to me. At least going with the skt 775 board I'll have something a little bit more modern, and somewhat upgradeable. And at least it shouldn't interfere with my 32 bit hard drive. Later. Pepse.
  9. I want to get a newer Intel chipset mobo. When looking ot boards on Ebay I have noticed that socket 478 and skt 775 are very similar as to CPU types and speeds. But it looks like skt 775 are 64 bit mobo's. If that is true and I bought one what kind of problems would I have when connecting my MDV 2007.0 powerpack 32 bit hard drive? Would I have to erase the 32 bit stuff or would I be able to just put the DVD in and "Upgrade" from 32 bit to 64 bit? Of corse if I have to wipe my HDD again I'll be better off with a 478 board. Later. Pepse.
  10. I will try that later today (Friday). I am sorry about the multiple posts but I kept getting an error that said something about tring to repost it in 10 seconds and it just kept giving me that error until I waited about 20 minutes and then it went through. Pepse.
  11. The CD I have now is different than the CD's that worked in Mandrake 10.0. This was acquired yesterday, 05/23. As for the content of the CD it is from a memorial for a cousin that passed away recently. The maker of the CD put lots of pix and some audio to go with it. I just loaded the CD again and I had MDV "start in a new window". The contents are: 06 Track 6.wma , 15 Track 15.wma , AUTORUN.INF , gdiplus.dll , intldate.dll , play.bat , playlist.txt , pptview.exe , ppvwintl.dll , pvreadme.htm , saext.dll , Troy's Memory.ppt , & unicows.dll . And no, I don't know the breakdown of the other CD's that worked in MDK 10.0. I realize that the wma's won't work, but that is minor. If I can get the rest to work that would be great. Also, when I load the CD all that happens is I get the "Open in a new window" or "Do Nothing'. Hope this helps. Later. Pepse.
  12. I have a CDrom that has pix and some music that was made in ms powerpoint and I cannot get it to run in OO Impress or any movie player. I used to be able to do this with Mandrake 10.0. Did Mandriva lose some permissions or something like that? Does anybody know of a way to run this in MDV 2007.0? Pepse.
  13. I have decided not to gamble on an MSI board. I will get either an Asus board or Gigabyte board. Pepse.
  14. MSI, isn't my preference either, but it is the only board the computer shop has that is within my budget. I am looking for a skt 478 or skt 775 mobo that still has an AGP slot and 2 PCI slots, and the MSI is all they have on hand that fit my needs. I would prefer an Asus board or Gigabyte board; altho I never had an Asus board it seems to be what people recommend. As for the computer place I do get a 7 day return, and moneyback or replacement. Or maybe I will see about an Asus or Gigabyte off of Ebay. Pepse.
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