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  1. Just a thought, but what is to stop an indemnified distribution from taking advantage of its indemnified position and creating applictions or functionality that utilize their newly available patent portfolio and feeding these back into Linux/Free software putting the rest of the Distros in a position where they are violating a patent or two? Or am I just being overly paranoid? Leo
  2. Apologies, I should have read your original post better. Another silly question: have you checked that your permissions are all OK for nut (are you running any other security that could be preventing apache from serving nut)?
  3. Are you accessing nut as an alias through apache or is nut in your document root?
  4. I read somewhere (sorry but cannot remember where) that the reason for the small saving for not including Windows on a pc was due to the money other software companies pay Dell to include their products on Dell machines as trial software (that and the bulk purchase discount they get for Windows). He reckoned that not including Windows would actually increase the cost to Dell of each machine, someone offered to pay $100 dollars extra to not install Windows to which he replied "sold!". The last part may well be apocryphal though. Leo
  5. OK well I have sort of solved this. I have a beautifully functional installation of Arch up and running, it updates, plays music and looks nice too I may give 2007.1 another go at some point but not for now. Leo
  6. The DNS server is set up correctly as far as I am aware (I believe it is currently set to my routers ip address which in turn has a dns setting provided by the isp), browsing is fine and ftp access to other sites is fine (the repository adamw suggested also works - without me making any changes to the dns server) I already try to use the synthesis.hdlist.cz files (I admit it would have been of more help if I had actually posted the commands I was using to try and add the sources rather than just saying they don't work). Thanks for the suggestions though. Leo
  7. OK so I spoke too soon, I have rebooted and the sound is back to the same problem, even when I try the rm -f /usr/bin/esd and killall esd command it now makes no difference...
  8. This fixed it, I haven't tried rebooting yet but since the file has been removed I am guessing that won't be an issue. I had been into this already in my search for a fix to the problem. The settings before any mucking about were Plugin: autodetect and the other two fields greyed out. I did try setting it to ALSA (and OSS) but it made very little difference except OSS was a higher pitch and faster repeat when tested. I have urpmi set to wget by default (it has worked faster in the past) the distrib-coffee source is working I am not sure why none of the others I tried would work, what are the chances of getting three in a row with no response? Thank you very much for your help and patience. Leo
  9. I had a quick look at gstreamer-properties last night but could not see anything obviously wrong, how do I check what the output is when the app starts? Clanbomber does use SDL and I saw something in the errata about this for 2007 but when I tried to load the package suggested urpmi told me it was already loaded. I use Gnome so am not sure how to do this, in the sound settings it tells me it is using an auto setting and gives the option of either ALSA or OSS however regardless of the setting I choose the test button does not give a continuous tone but a tone with a click (sounds like a badly mixed sample) at regular intervals and the stop button takes a while to respond. I have tried a number of mirrors, but will give these a go tonight. I agree that it is odd, but this is a regular issue with Mandriva releases (funnily enough it never happened with Mandrake) I have turned my firewall off completely but it still will not connect. 2006 - installed on the same machine, can see its mirrors without any problem now but had exactly this issue when first installed. Thanks for your help Leo
  10. and being far too easy to confuse with a cartoon magician... well come on comic book/operating system their virtually identical aren't they? I know, 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit'... Leo
  11. Unfortunately rhythmbox does not appear to have these settings, Preferences is available from the edit menu (not being piicky just FYI) but does not have any sounds tabs - or tabs that apear to relate to output at all, I am guessing that this is handled by a conf file or something. When I try from the command line I can see that rhythmbox is using gstreamer maybe this is where the issue lies? Leo
  12. it's the Official Version, I would suggest that it is Mandriva that is at fault since it is only their packages I am using and they would appear to no longer be compatible with my hardware (which was fine in 2006) I do not go in for funky packages or settings, most of it is as default - I do not really know enough to be comfortable mucking about with it. If I could get urpmi to work I would Thanks I will give that a go No, I checked the errata and could not see anything pertinent there (I even checked a couple of things that were unrelated I apologise if I am coming across as confrontational I am really, just annoyed and your post appeared to suggest that I was being unreasonable and had not checked at all which offended me (is there a particular bit in the errata you think may apply?). I have used Mandriva for over six years now and this is the first time their product has annoyed me this much. Leo
  13. for what it is worth, this was my experience too but after I waited a bit longer (could not say how long but I went and made coffee - I may even have grown and roasted it myself) it came started up. Leo
  14. I am not sure how to do this can you give me an example? I tried both, this current install was from scratch (it resolved other problems introduced by the upgrade) Leo
  15. This is beginning to feel like a repeat of 2007 - which in my opinion was hopeless. Firstly I cannot get urpmi to add any new sources (I have been through the easy urpmi pages and got my list of sources and the code to set them up but with ach one it attempts to get the hdlist file and cannot make a connection (I can see the source if I put the ftp address into a browser so I know it is correct), if I try to do it through MCC it attempts to contact Mandriva for a list of sources but again no connection can be made so it fails the same thing happens if I attempt to add a source through MCC - add sources. This happens regularly with Mandriva installs and has really begun to piss me off especially since it usually takes a few weeks (and no tweaking to sort out). My sound has also gone screwy too, it worked fine after the initial install and still works through firefox but not with other apps. The problem has been mentioned in a few posts in the board with older releases but I cannot seem to find a resolution (even though my 2006 install works OK - why am I surprised that Mandriva have ****ed up something that worked in a previous release?) The problem appears in rythmbox and Clanbomber where only a fraction of the sound gets played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly before the next fraction of sound is played repeatedly....(annoying isn't it?) I am using the snd-via82xx driver which appears to have been loaded correctly - although I do not think it is a driver issue as it is not all sound that is wrong. The final issue (of course I realise I am tempting fate with that assumption) is on boot where it appears to take an inordinate amount of time to start the init script (where tje status bar starts to move and you are able press escape to viw progress. It appears to freeze on the splash screen. I think that it may have something to do with usb but am not sure what is the best output to look at? I do not know where to look to resolve this and am just really frustrated with it (this was the reason I never bothered with 2007) Thanks Leo
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