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  1. what are these suggested speed changes please? I appreciate any details or links. Many thanks.
  2. thats exactly what i meant. Oh, so I better not tick the option everytime then. If that so, can you please show me how to change my root password?
  3. greetings everytime the root login small window pops up, I make sure to click the 'keep password' option, as I'm the only one who has access to my home computer. Yet, it always asks me for the password, times and again. how can i really convince it to keep the password and never ask for it again? thanks in advance :)
  4. greetings when I click a ram file in a webpage, it asks me what to do. is there a software, like real, that i should manually install for ram and ra files to play from webpages? or does mandriva linux LE2005 has a tool for that, and i only need to install it from the distro?
  5. thanks. btw, while installing firefox 1.06, i got this in the terminal window: "(firefox-installer-bin:26503): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed topango_layout_set_text() (firefox-installer-bin:26503): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed topango_layout_set_text() (firefox-installer-bin:26503): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed topango_layout_set_text() (firefox-installer-bin:26503): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed topango_layout_set_text()" is that why I'm having problems with webpage fonts?
  6. sallam

    p2p software

    what software do you recommend I use for p2p file sharig? In windows, I used Ares lite, and limewire. Does mandriva linuc le2005, which i'm using, comes with any such software?
  7. here is a google search page. I'm not used to that tiny wierd font
  8. how can i make webpages display like it used to be in windows? I was advised elsewhere to import MS fonts, i did that, but nothing changed I went to firefox, preferences, fonts, but MS fonts that i imported are not there!! (they are listed in MCC > fonts already, but not showing in firefox!) I still see tiny weird font in webpages, hardly able to view them... please help me.
  9. I need to upgrade the firefox that came with mandriva installation, version 1.02, to the latest version. how can i do that, in an easy way please? I've downloaded the new version, but failed to install it. what do i do so that I can install software by just clicking on it, like we do in windows? please give me a step by step how-to I'm using mandriva linux LE2005, the default install, exactly as is. many thanks.
  10. I have a DSL connection, and used to download fast while in windows. now in linux, even browing pages in firefox takes ages to show up why is that? my lan card is rightly configured someone advised me to go to about: config and filter to: IPV6 and change to 'true' i did that. pages used to take hours to show up, now it takes minutes.. any chance that it takes seconds? like it does in windows firefox? i notice linux is way much faster than windows, so why it is not so in web connection? any suggestions please?
  11. wonderful, thanks solarian, that was an easy and precise how-to. Thanks AussieJohn, and yes, I'm using KDE. ps. apologies for posting this in the wrong section, mods kindly move it as you see fit.
  12. greetings how can i change the default from having to double click to only single click? [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  13. greetings how do I add MS fonts? and will doing so affect the speed of my computer? I know in ms windows installing more fonts slows down the computer, specially old ones (mine is only amd athlon 700). btw, i need to do so beause I'm viewing the text displayed in a weird way in webpages, hat i used to see perfectly fine from windows. I tried changing the fonts in linux firefox, but nothing happened! still weird, tiny elongated letters. [topics moved from Software & Installing Mandriva and merged by spinynorman]
  14. greetings how can i add new shortcuts to the taskbar? i need a shortcut to a text file that i regularly add to (i use it as my diary, or notes).. btw, do you use any good software in linux for your notes, or diary, to save your thoughts, snippets of text you copy from the web, yoru own text notes , login info, links and the like? [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
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