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  1. ian...you helped me out buddie! it might have been an odd way of a workaround but here is what I did.... Tested ian's idea of the graphic card issue...right on but heres more...I went to MCC and reconfigured the ATI RAdeon card to use the non ATI driver...in this case it was VESA....I tried the install from the download and it didn't work....I took out the ATI RAdeon card and put in the previous video card I had used...NVIDIA.......the install worked perfectly...no problems. The only conclusion I can make for those who come across the "flashing cursor" and failure on install is that your graphics card shouldn't be an ATI Radeon...which I regret buying now and will probably stick with NVIDIA going forward.. I can also only assume that ATI RAdeon has not done as good a job as Nvidia in promoting their products in the linux environment. bad business for them...because I still have been migrating the windows users to the linux world. Thanks for all that post and help........I don't know how to mark this "SOLVED"...can a moderator do that?thanks.
  2. I am not sure how if I downloaded the "LIVE" version or not...at the MDV homepage I just went to download, not the flash or pwerpck...selected the one with all the proprietary drivers( and actually downloaded in the US trying 5 different mirrors, 5 dif DVDs none have worked)...if that isn't hte live version please put a link or guide where I can find that one. I use a ATI radeon sapphire X1650 pro graphics card..I get the compiz working phenomenally on 2008 version and love it. I do have the proprietary driver installed. AMD athlon processor i586 version not x84_64 2GB of Ram I am going to try and install 2009 on my ubuntu pc that I was just messing with and see if works on that one. -pup
  3. I have used MDV since 2006 but still consider myself a noobie compared to many out there. I have bought the powerpack in the past up to 2008.. after reading the news 2009 came out I decided to give the new upgrade by way of downloading via mirror from MDV homepage, burning the .iso file(I did check the md5sum) via k3b.. Every time I try intsalling it a different way, nothing works, I get the text(and I tried the graphical) install that shows everything is going, the last thing I see is that 'starting the graphical server ...(OK) ....starting eth0 (OK)....starting daemon (OK).... then it flashes a black screen...shows a cursor in the top left,,...flashes a black screen and than nothing.... I have tried hitting CTRL+ALT-F1 ....which I had read to do on a previous version of mdv but nothing good here. chaning the install kernel feautres..i.e noacpi,, pcm alternatives...all the ones that at initial install screen you can select by hitting F4...... as I have bragged to many of my windows users how incredible MDV is...this may be hard to justify them to download and use it when I can't.....what am I doing wrong? have any others had this issue? I never had this with the powerpack version...... -Pup
  4. I have a different issue than yours where the 3D effects hang. I use an ATI radeon as well, installed 2008.1 MDV free> MCC updated the system since the Free versioe doesn't come with the proprietary drivers> installed the propriertary fglrx driver for my ATI Radeon>reboot and when my desktop comes up> all blue, no icons or anything...I plan on working on it more over the next few days, but I will put anything I can and continue reading what you find out in this post.
  5. Pup

    How do I install?

    I have tried several different ways to get the flash player to work. I also run a 64bit Linux 0S system. I have followed the instructions verbatim from the macromedia instructions and to no success. the files for it they say to copy .xpt & .so I have done to the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins ...no good , but I also had a file lib64/mozilla/plugins .....did that but no good & finally another listing for /usr/lib/mozill-firefox-1.0.6/plugins so I copied both there as welll and still no good. anyone come up with something that works for this.
  6. Pup

    Linux Partitions

    this is awesome( these forums that is) okay: here is why I ask because I think somthing is a little amiss here. yesterday I had three partitions sda1 sda6 and sdb1 today I have sda1 sda6 and sdf1 ? why it changed to "f" on the third I don't know? anyone have an explanation for that. Outside of that, from doing a lot of reading at the site we're on, I noticed a lot of people formating their partitions for certain reasons, i.e. to file dowloads in certain areas, something called SWAP etc. I am not familiar with the why nor the how on that. I have actaully read the MadrakeLinux manual to try and help, from which I am getting some things but it seems that I am just missing something.
  7. Pup

    Linux Partitions

    I have three paritions: dev/sda1 & dev/sda6 & dev/sdb1 the last throughs me, I think that is for the vmware program I am running. How do I know which partition is for what? & How do I format each(specific commands would be great-or a link to them) I feel like I have taken a big step in a new world with a a friend of mine, as we have completely let go of using only the Windows XP of the world and are learning the Linux Life. I have installed Mandriva Linus PowerPack and am learning a lot!
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