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  1. I'm experiencing a not-play-nice situation with my cx8800 tv card and my spca webcam driver. I have not tried this since i did it successfully in March (2.6.x kern) and wrote up directions for MUB. Now, it appears that there is both a cx8800 and a cx88xx driver listed on lsmod (though only cx880 makes it to modules), and the addition of a spca driver is just too much for it (v4l) to handle as it seems not to be able to find cx8800 when I start tvtime (tvtime gives me "No space left on device Cannot open capture device /dev/video0" when the pccam is plugged in). The cx8800 driver is part of 2.6.x kern. I am guessing that something there has changed over the months. Any ideas what to do or whom to contact? tia Kristi
  2. Well that got me to scratching my head and it turns out that all i need is konsole --type su Thanks! Kristi
  3. Absolutely *love* your avatar!!!!!! That did it! Thanks!!! Kristi
  4. Instead of using the Optional menus / terminal sessions / root shell terminal, I would like to execute it from the task bar. What would I execute? I have tried /bin/bash in terminal, do not close, execute as root... but I am not quite there... It comes up in the user's directory instead of the root directory, even though I specify /root/ for the work path. tia! Kristi EDIT: second question: how do I get the system to not put my IP addy in the prompt? tia! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. hey John, how come you're still using v3, or is that just the title. V5 is out. Yes! A cooker forum on MUB!!! Great!!!!! Kristi
  6. I believe I heard that doing a cooker update will fix it. Apparently something about HAL ... hth Kristi
  7. kristi

    Hey! Nice forum!

    Great that you now have a cooker department!!! !!! 2006.0.5 (RC2) is doing well. Still occasional probs with the KDE aborting on logout, but other than that... Plus the DVD shell works again (I had had probs with it on the 2006.0.1,2,3 CDs) Kristi
  8. 2006.0.5 (RC2) On this release, tvtime insists on setting the volume (line) to 50% on tvtime startup, whereas I would like it at 80%. Didn't have this prob with previous releases. Thoughts? tia!!! Kristi [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  9. Thanks! That did it! Kristi :D Very nice avatar!!!
  10. When I installed it, it seemed to install nothing from CD2, and I got a bit of a stripped system. No firefox was the main thing missing which I installed with MCC. but I don't know or have forgotten how to install an rpm . Double clicking on it doesn't work. How can I install it with console (just Java and FileLight) tia Kristi EDIT Wish MUB had a cooker forum..... [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  11. I personally did not fix it. I suspect that the snapshots which became the Sept6 and 8 releases were taken from a cooker that had part of something, but not yet part of something else. By Sept 11 (maybe earlier), it was fixed. That is, I installed the Sept 6 version, updated it to cooker current a/o Sept 11, and tested it and there were no probs. The dependencies were changed for the mplayer...12mdk install between Sept 8 and Sept 11. Particularly, libxorg-x11-6.9-0.cvs20050907.1mdk was at first present, and then thankefully gone. Probably there for testing. Also note that the kern changed from 2.6.12-11 to 2.6.12-12 somewhere in there. Also there were some 168 program reinstalls that had to be done in cooker update. A VERY active time!!! hth Kristi
  12. Fixed in cooker by Sept 11. All is fine. Kristi
  13. I have edit the first post to reflect corrections. Kristi
  14. kristi

    2006 Beta 3 Problem

    Ahhhhh Thanks for the explaination. Glad things are getting better! Kristi
  15. kristi

    2006 Beta 3 Problem

    Hey John, I installed Sept 6 version of 2004.0.4 and updated cooker to today. That borked my Nvidia and I wound up at a prompt. I couldn't re-install Nvidia because my source is now 2.6.12-12 whereas my /lib/modules is still at 2.6.12-11 Thoughts? tia Kristi EDIT: got it - installed kern 12-12
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