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  1. No, localization is still the weakest side of PCLOS. You have to localize it but it's not worse than setting up Mandriva after installation like installing flash, java etc. since those are all present and preconfigured in PCLOS.
  2. Mandriva One is based on the 2006 release of Mandriva. It only has bugfixed packages so it doesn't have those annoying bugs what 2006 has. I never saw a package selection on a livecd installer yet. You can install the whole CD or not install anything. If you want package selection try the 2006 CDs but make an update as soon as you can.
  3. No you don't. You can even write to the cooker mailing list and this way take a part of the development process without being a club member. RSBAC is part of the Mandriva kernels since 2005LE. The look already improved comparing to 2005LE and maybe they will make it even better, it's so easy now the web is full of beautiful icon sets, wallpapers etc and people who would be proud if Mandiva would use their theme as default. But my wishes from Mandiva are not for the look or different kernels or any other technological thing. I don't wish anything unusual in fact I wish something that RedHat and Novell already did. I wish a new release policy. If they want to make annual releases for the official tree and this way concentrating on the corporate market then do it I have nothing against it I wish good luck. I'd like to see that Mandriva opens up the community tree and makes a real community driven tree which has the old 6 months release cycle or is a rolling releaese (which means the packages are permanently updated I heard it from tyme IIRC). Mandriva has already a lot of packagers among its fans just think about SOS, Thac and Ze and the dutch club. They only have to cooporate with those guys. This way that tree would always be fresh and stable since the community would never screw up its own distro which is already more than what Mandriva doing with it just think about Kat and the x.org issue. And let the community make package of the commercial stuff too e.g nvidia drivers, java etc. I myself met with what arctic wrote about the OpenOffice localization. The OpenOffice localization file is hardly bigger than 10M but it needed 411M in dependencies because they are always removing the Sun java dependencies. I think that's redicolous. And yes I heard they policy about "we belive in open source" so they are offering OSS only packages. But since they are offering those packages to paying club members which means their belief vanishes if they got money for it IMO that policy is crap. Despite Mr.Bancilhon's answer I'm not so hopeful. No doubt he's a polite man but he's also the one who laid off\fired Gael Duval and has the full control now at Mandriva and IMO responsible the changes in the policy, turning fully to the corporate market despite his words. Time will tell if he's right or not but I doubt it. For those who think Mandriva is still the most user friendly distro (e.g. fahd) : guys give PCLOS a try you'll be surprised. It's not perfect still has some issues with localization but at least it's advertised as English only. It has a link to the user guide on the desktop as well as to the IRC it's fresh and stable and has an appealing look and almost everything preset. Hell it makes me lazy. The fact that it's basically an improved Mandriva makes Mandriva look foolish. Mandriva could be so easily better. It's frustrating that a guy who is working in a computer store in Houston to earn money for living and a small community makes a better distro than a big multimillionaire company.
  4. Debian Potato was the first one I installed but couldn't do anything with it, so I'd say the first love was Mandrake 7.2.
  5. KDE 3.5.2 after playing 10 minutes in the KCC and on kde-look.org.
  6. Thank you for your understanding and for keeping us up-to-date.
  7. Verified or not I didn't leave an e-mail address. Dear representative post your news here if you wanna keep our interest.
  8. Just one example I wanted to install the openoffice-hu package and rpmdrake wanted to install 411M from dependencies including nvu I don't know why. Though it's maybe Mandriva specific since they are always removing the Sun java dependencies from OOo.
  9. That's not true. I'm not a cooker ML reader but I know about their boot optimisation system pinit and they new LivCD building program which replaced mklivecd and was used to build One. Thats only two and I'm not really following this. Hate to say this but IMO Mandriva only was stable. The reason I'm on PCLOS now is that fantastic new Xorg (which was updated from the official updates) gave up on me. Smart can be installed to a lot of other distros too because it's able to handle Debian repos too.
  10. I don't wanna register just to see this. It will be a LiveCD AFAIK so maybe I'll take a look at it when it's finished. And yes PCLOS is a standalone distro.
  11. Will Yoper look like Fedora now? Well my first was Debian Potato. I could install it for the 3rd time. But then I couldn't do anything with it. I think it installed a version of Windowmaker as a wm and I just stared at it and didn't know what the hell am I looking at. So I switched it on once more with almost the same result and left it that. And when I got Mandrake 7.2 I replaced Debian with it and never felt sorry for it. Though I like Windowmaker so you're maybe a bit right arctic. Anyway some ontopic now. Does PCLinuxOS count? If yes this is what I use for the second day and I like it a bit better then Mandriva.
  12. You do know PCLOS is Mandriva-based? :P I don't know what differences there are between the two, though. Yeah I didn't run too far. The most important difference is that it seems stable and it's fresh. And I know about the localization problems since I've already met them. Never said PCLOS is perfect but imo it is what Mandriva could and should be on desktop. Mandriva even could be better since it has the manpower.
  13. Ditched Mandriva for technical reasons after all those years. This my new system and my first sreenie ever here. PCLOS after a day of usage.
  14. great. no more community department, that'll -really- help them. turning away from the open source community is never a good idea, imho. No the community department is still there. Gael's job has been taken over by a woman Estelle somebody can't remember the surname, read the club forum. BTW this is Gael Duval's main project now. We'll see what it is cause there's nothing specific on the website (yeah I know it's maybe a Linux distro). Gael's comment on the firing in French. The link to the English version doesn't work so anyone speaking french would be so kind to sum it up in English?
  15. Iphitus most of what you wrote is true. I'm just making some clarifications. AFAIK supermount is only there to mount floppies any other mounting is handled by gnome-volume-manager even under KDE. It is possible to add repos through the software sources manager (or how that thing is called in English).
  16. Mandriva One is a LiveCD based on 2006 Community and it has a new GUI installer which allows hard disk installation. 2006.1 is a very early prerelease of 2007.
  17. dexter11

    KDE 3.5.1

    Do they do that with all their packages or is it just something they do on KDE? Because I think following Mandriva's style is a good idea, has anyone been using the SoS packages? I might have a friend moving to Linux next week, and I think Mandriva will do very well for him, and I was wondering if I should give him KDE 3.5.1 and Xorg 6.9 or if he will be happier with the Mandriva provided KDE 3.4.2 and Xorg 6.8.2? Thac and Ze are packaging "only" KDE and its dependencies while SOS are packaging a lot else too like GNOME, Xchat etc. I updated XFCE from SOS not long ago and it solved some bugs allthogh it still has some more. But I didn't uninstall Mandriva's XFCE before installing I just did an upgrade and that's all. It's working despite the bugs. Oh and Mandriva has X.org 6.9 not 6.8.2 if you update which is must for 2006.
  18. Actually they will use Xegl which is a bit modified version of XGL from what I read it doesn't need a separate X server to run but it needs drivers it only works on some ancient Radeon cards yet. But I don't know how will they do it since giving away prepackaged closed source drivers is clearly opposing to their packaging policy. So either the free version won't have this which sucks or they change policy which is unlikely. cooker thread about Xegl Article in Free Software Magazine : Accelerated X flame wars! - maybe not
  19. That player is only to listen to the songs before paying. After you bought them you can listen\do whatever you want with your music, I think it's fair. About the selection: well it's clear to me that big music companies (Sony Music, Vivendi etc) are ignoring and will ignore Mandriva and this site is not and probably never will be for MTV addicts, but there are more small music labels that are open to the new ways of selling music so this is just a first step, a small but important one and hopefully more will follow.
  20. Mandrake 10.0 was quite a long ago. You'd better install some newer stuff if your computer can handle it.
  21. dexter11

    KDE 3.5.1

    SOS packages are using the Mandriva packaging rules while Thac and Ze are not so strict about these rules.
  22. How do you mirror easyurpmi? Cause the new language is still not available here. Anyway trem sent a letter he's sorry for not answering, so he's OK by me.
  23. Well at least he was fast to put it up. Hungarian language is available now on easyurpmi.zarb.org.
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