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  1. Jza

    Updating Python

    I wonder how safe it is to update my python version to a more current version, and I also want to know how to do it without breaking my whole distro. Is ther a way I can get updates and backported packages for Python in a safe way? Regards.
  2. I discover I needed the devel packages for libjack0
  3. I have an issue of failed dependencies but seems is more of an issue with the path, I am not sure I remember how to modify the prefix but I guet the following issues: checking for LIBJACK... no configure: error: Package requirements (jack >= 0.98.0) were not met: No package 'jack' found Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix. Alternatively, you may set the environment variables LIBJACK_CFLAGS and LIBJACK_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config. See the pkg-config man page for more details. I have confirmed the existence of libjack locate libjack /usr/lib/libjack.so.0 /usr/lib/libjack.so.0.1.0 /usr/lib/libjackserver.so.0 /usr/lib/libjackserver.so.0.1.0 I tried going through the pkg-config man pages, but seemed a bit odd about setting the libjack. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. There was a systemd issue on the updates that was fixed the nextt day but somehow you fell in the crack of that day gap. You need to get the latest systemd from the update source.
  5. VLC and ffmpeg have transcoding features. Usually you dont generate the FLV but the site gets th video and convert it into an flv. For more editing features you need a video editor like openshot or kdenlive.
  6. Seems this was a known issue due to systemd screw up http://forum.mandriva.com/en/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=137377&start=25 Update: http://www.mandriva.com/support/security/advisories/?dis=2011&name=MDVSA-2012:030 Regression: http://www.mandriva.com/support/security/advisories/?dis=2011&name=MDVA-2012:030
  7. I had issues after rebooting my mandriva system (I almost never reboot). It started complaining that the udev rules were deprecated. Specifically the 49-hso-udev.rules it complained that the new version of udev didnt recognized the SYSFS parameters. The file says something like this: # send rezero command via ozerocdoff, which uses usblib for all known ZCOPTION devices, supported by bundled driver SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0af0", SYSFS{idProduct}=="6711", SYSFS{bDeviceClass}=="00", RUN+="/usr/sbin/ozerocdoff -wi 0x%s{idProduct}" SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0af0", SYSFS{idProduct}=="6731", SYSFS{bDeviceClass}=="00", RUN+="/usr/sbin/ozerocdoff -wi 0x%s{idProduct}" SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0af0", SYSFS{idProduct}=="6751", SYSFS{bDeviceClass}=="00", RUN+="/usr/sbin/ozerocdoff -wi 0x%s{idProduct}" # add device node links to all possible device SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Control", SYMLINK+="wctrl0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Application", SYMLINK+="wapp0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Application", SYMLINK+="wappa0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Application2",SYMLINK+="wappb0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Diagnostic", SYMLINK+="wdiag0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Diagnostic", SYMLINK+="wdiaga0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Diagnostic2", SYMLINK+="wdiagb0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="Modem", SYMLINK+="wmodem0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="GPS", SYMLINK+="wgps0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="GPS_Control", SYMLINK+="wgpsc0" SUBSYSTEM=="tty", SYSFS{hsotype}=="PCSC", SYMLINK+="wpcsc0" # Note use here SYSFS instead of ATTR to be compatible to Xandros/EeePC As said before, the SYSFS should be replaced by ATTR but it wasnt thanks to hardware compatibility. Anyone know more about this bug?
  8. I have seen other users complaining and it seems to be an issue of MIB and plf but in the end I am still stuck without being able to satisfy the package. I have multiple versions of mplayer and also only a 115 version of libx264, however the installation of plf mplayer asks me for a 110 version that is only available on the x86-64 repo. Please check the following link: ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/plf.zarb.org/plf/mandriva/2011/free/release/binary/i586/ Anyone has been able to solve it? I check backports and other alternative repo and couldnt find much.
  9. Ah thanks for that, SOLVED!
  10. So the configuration on my system demands every locale from the apps from firefox, libreoffice, and other applications. Is there a way to uninstall the package or reconfigure the system so it only asks for specific locales? Regards.
  11. Hi I got my netbook root partition about to be full and I want to know how can I bootstrap it. I found out with filelight that I get a lot of size from the locales used. I dont have much need for these so I want to know how can I get rid of the locales cleanly. I am including snapshots from my disk. I am including shots of /usr/share/ and /usr/share/locale from my disk. Please advice how can I get rid of it, and which packages to remove.
  12. EXE are windows only file format for Windows only, it wont run on linux, mac, blackberry, ios, or any other non-windows system. Linux and Mandriva uses RPM and or other formats similar to .bin or .sh not .exe. That said you can use a winodows emulator like Wine, and or install windows in a Virtualbox virtual machine. Something like this:
  13. I experienced something similar, my guess is that Plasma is crashing. .xsession-error files usually give you the issues. I will recomend to install a second window manager to fall back like urpmi task-lxde or icewm. I recomend using tail -f .xsession-error on a console before going Ctrl-Alt-F8
  14. Wow from a Mandriva Guru this seems like a weak reason to give up on it. I am able to connect, just make it painful from time to time.
  15. I am having issues accessing the Console (TTY) once KDE starts. It seems the Cltr-Alt-F[1,2,3,4,5..] doesn't work once KDE kicks in. Ctrl-alt-f1,2,3 works as a desktop switcher and Ctrl-alt-f8 works as a dashboard as well as ctrl-alt-f12. Can someone help me how to change to TTY on Mandriva, I have asked the KDE forums and at least Fedora and Ubuntu works as expected.
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