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  1. Hi folks ... Should i install clamav as antivirus app under linux file server (samba server). In another words is it necessary to use any antivirus application for samba servers. Thanks a lot. Fahd 100611 [moved from Other Distros by spinynorman]
  2. Hi folks ... I would like to know how to update the current ubuntu server kernel ver. to the new one. I just gave the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade A lot of things were updated except the kernel. Any clue. Thanks in advance. Fahd 100505 [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  3. Hi everybody there ... It is impossible to resize the kde 4.4 desktop icons. The resized icons still active until you logout. When you relogin, the icons on the desktop go to the default small icons, simply they do not retain the customised icon size. Any help. Thanks. Fahd 100307 [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  4. Hi folks ... I would like to know how to find out the users, who are currently usining (locking) the shared object files. Since smbstatus -L or smbstatus -S dont show me the full info of the users openning the files. Any clue. Thanks in advance. Fahd 100202 [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  5. Thank You all for the rapid response and reply. This is the linux community. The strive to help other people all over the world. Thank you again. Fahd 090909
  6. Hi folks ... Can anybody tell me how to export my bookmarks in firefox under windows xp to linux? Thanks in advance. Fahd 090906 [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  7. Any help! can anybody tell me how to overcome this problem in real player in mandz 2008 free: "Can not open the audio device. Another application may be using it." Thanks a lot. Fahd [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  8. Hi folks ! How can i remove the text Menu from K menu panel (the lower left corner). Thanks a lot. Fahd [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  9. Hi folks! I am eager to know where does the system store the services (demons) which run at start up time (may be some where in /etc directory)? Thanks a lot. Fahd [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  10. How to change mandriva Star in Kicker bar? Thanks a lot in advance. Fahd [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  11. Hi folks! Any help is acceptable. I changed my ati x300 video card to ati x1650, but unfortunately neighter mandy 2007, nor mandy spring rc3 could recognise the device correctly. I was forced to select xorgt:vesa driver settings in order to use xserver(GUI). I also downloaded the ati driver from ATI website, but unfortunately I got the same results. Of course i use windows as a reference point which may come in handy in such cases. It works very well (of course with appropriate windows drivers). I am frustrated due this ati x1650 driver lack. Thanks a lot in advance. Fahd [moved to hardware from everything linux by tyme]
  12. Why not Mandriva (the French distro) ? Fahd Budapest
  13. Will Mandy 2007.1, the upcoming spring version support intel Q965 Express Chipset? Thanks a lot. Fahd
  14. I wonder why Mandriva sells it's products (e.g. mandy 2007 and 2007.1) within the same versions instead of releasing them in service Pack forms. Selling for instance Mandriva Linux 2007 Powerpack Download version for almost 70-EUR is very cheap. If I were a manger in Mandriva Linux dept. I would have vended it for 150-EUR. However I would provide the official customers with updated versions in service Packs forms without any charge. Cause it is not fair to make any minor modifications and vend it of course for not a little charge. Just make a reasonable vend policy, not to monopolize the folks. The people all over the world have been using Windows XP for almost 6 years (for aprox. 200 US $), without any additional fees. If we compare this situation with Mandriva Linux and other Linux distros price policy, we would draw this conclusion: Linux is not as cheap as we guess. Return back to the above mentioned instance: Mandriva sells you the powerpack version for almost 80-EUR/half-year. This means that you would pay 800-EUR during 5 years. It is very expensive, ain't it? All of us know what is the difference between the two worlds, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Of course for me Linux is more massive and dynamic stuff, but we should take in consideration that money may be paid for products to be used in everywhere, not for not final releases. It is not same to talk frankly about drawbaks of price policy. We all as mandriva Linux advocators really appreciate the code weavers work at Mandriva (developers), howevers I reckon that the Management at Mandriva has gone in the incorrect way. Hopefully somebody would realize this in the appropriate time. Thanks a lot. Fahd 070217 [inserted some missing letters here and there for clarity - arctic]
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