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  1. Haven't been able to find ies4linux just yet, but will definitely continue down that path. The Konqueror add-on looks to be an easy function to use, will test that asap. Have also installed the 'User Agent Switcher' add-on to Firefox, but haven't yet quite figured out how to drive it properly; next task. Sooo many options, luvvly linux. B) Many thanks to you all. :P Edit: have just found ies4linux, looks interesting.
  2. Well, don't worry about insulting my intelligence, just keep them ole answers comin' B) . In fact, I didn't know that you could do anything as clever as that. Wow!! I've found an add-on called 'Rebrand', could try that. And, changing the bank is an attractive thought, but there's no guarantee that the new one won't do the same :unsure: .
  3. For some reason :unsure: one of my banks will only run its internet-banking on Internet Explorer . Since I have no intention of allowing Windoze anywhere near the internet on my machine, I'd like to implement this using either wine or crossover on my 2007 box. Could someone who has used either of these configurations give me some tips, in particular with regard to how well each works ind if there are any preferences? Thanks. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. Many thanks, Ian, (and nexus), that was dead easy. And, Yves, my OpenOffice ignores it, too, as does medit; great tip. Presumeably there is a series of localhost:nnn addresses for different apps/functions; is there a list anywhere? Thanks, once again.
  5. I'd like to change the printer page-size default from 'letter' to 'A4'; I understand that this can be done by modifying a cups (config?) file, but I can't find a suitable one (from the very many cups files, I mean ;) ). Can anyone help me out? I'm using 2007. Thanks.
  6. Yes, Steve, the -i with grep is the answer to the name problem. B) And, I assume that the "s are necessary, because the script failed without them. Anyway, here is my finished script; hope it helps someone out there (please excuse the comments if they are too obvious, but they won't be to me in, say, 6 months :unsure: ) #!/bin/sh # # the following 4 variables are necessary because: # unfortunately dcop Desktop-Nrs go from 1 to n for Desktops 1 to n, whereas # wmctrl uses values 0 to n-1 for Desktops 1 to n; therefore, to get the correct # value (for wmctrl) it is necessary to use a value exactly 1 LESS than that # used by dcop #. dcop_gnu_WS=5 wmctrl_gnu_WS=" 4 " dcop_kpdf_WS=6 wmctrl_kpdf_WS=" 5 " error_flag=0 # # First, check if either of the two programs is already running IN THE INTENDED WS; if # either is, this script will fail, so it simply terminates immediately. # # So, for example, test (using 'wmctrl -l') whether or not gnumeric is running IN WS 5; # if it is, set the error-flag if [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep -i gnumeric)" != "" ] && [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep -i $wmctrl_gnu_WS)" != "" ]; then echo "error, gnumeric already running in WS $dcop_gnu_WS, please remove gnumeric from that WS" && error_flag=1; fi if [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep -i kpdf)" != "" ] && [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep -i $wmctrl_kpdf_WS)" != "" ]; then echo "error, kpdf already running in WS $dcop_kpdf_WS, please remove kpdf from that WS" && error_flag=1; fi #echo "error_flag="$error_flag if [ "$error_flag" = "1" ]; then # either gnumeric or kpdf is running (or both), error; terminate. echo "terminating... goodbye :("; else # # run the following commands (i.e. start gnumeric and kpdf), using '(' bla bla bla ...')' # start with '(' on a new line, finish with ');', also on its own new line. # ( curws=$(dcop kwin KWinInterface currentDesktop) dcop kwin KWinInterface setCurrentDesktop $dcop_kpdf_WS # start kpdf as a background-task (the terminating '&'), then wait until it is ready # to accept input kpdf output.pdf & while [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep -i kpdf)" = "" ] do sleep 2 done echo "kpdf started in ws"$(dcop kwin KWinInterface currentDesktop) # echo "kpdf started, starting gnumeric..." dcop kwin KWinInterface setCurrentDesktop $dcop_gnu_WS echo "starting gnumeric..." # start gnumeric as a background-task (the terminating '&'), then wait until it is ready # to accept input gnumericfilename1.xls 2>/dev/null & while [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep -i gnumeric)" = "" ] do sleep 2 done echo "gnumeric started in ws"$(dcop kwin KWinInterface currentDesktop) # echo "gnumeric started, returning to original desktop..." dcop kwin KWinInterface setCurrentDesktop $curws ); fi Many thanks :thumbs:
  7. Well, how about this , Steve? I noticed that the "(wmctrl -l | grep gnumeric)" command didn't work completely correctly in a konsole, so instead of gnumeric filename1 & while [ $(wmctrl -l | grep gnumeric) -eq '' ] do sleep done I tried gnumeric filename1 & while [ "$(wmctrl -l | grep Gnumeric)" = "" ] do sleep 2 done and now it works. Bash didn't like 'sleep' without an argument, so that was easy; also, strangely enough, gnumeric is actually called Gnumeric (with a capital G; you have to use the exact name in the title-bar), which is why the 'while' line jammed up. I'm not sure if I've really solved the syntax-prob, or if it's just sheer coincidence, but I don't much care. Until the next time, that is B) . What's your opinion?
  8. I still have a snag, I'm afraid, Steve. The "while" line produces in the following error-message: line 14: [: -eq: unary operator expected The "(wmctrl -l | grep gnumeric)" part works OK in a konsole, so there seems to be a syntax-problem elsewhere. I've tried a few changes to the line (using '(' instead of '[', for example) but I'm absolutely useless at de-bugging bash-syntax, so I'll have to ask you to look at it for me, please. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, spinynorman, that worked well; just knew it was syntax. ;) And, pmpatrick, 'wait' doesn't do quite what I want; I think that it does wait, but right up until gnumeric is terminated and not (as I want) until the latter is up and running, i.e ready to accept input. I'm now playing with 'sleep'; doesn't work just yet but will report when/if it does. Many thanks to you both. :thumbs:
  10. Quite a complex topic, but you've helped me a bit further down the line. Many thanks to you both. :D
  11. When I perform the following command in a konsole, it works: [lawrence@localhost ~]$ dcop kwin KWinInterface currentDesktop 4 The same thing in a script, in an attempt to assign this value to a variable curws=dcop kwin KWinInterface currentDesktop fails, with the message kwin: Unexpected argument 'KWinInterface' . I assume that this is a basic script-syntax problem, but I can't see it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  12. Yes, you're correct, of course; '2>/dev/null' works well. Thanks. :D And, following on with this topic, I've come up against another problem. I want to start two apps in different workspaces but the workspace-selection is completed much faster than the app start-up, the result being that they both end up in the same (second) workspace. My script looks like this: wmctrl -s2 gnumeric filename1 & wmctrl -s3 kpdf filename2 & Does anyone know of a way of delaying the execution of 'wmctrl -s3' until gnumeric has completed start-up (or any other way of ensuring that the script acts as desired)? Thanks.
  13. Was a bit confused, nexus, 'cos substituting '>' with '&' didn't work. However, I found the following site, where all became clear (at least, the bit about stderr did B) ) http://www.cpqlinux.com/redirect.html Now, using 'gnumeric filename 2>err.txt', there's no error-output. Thanks.
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