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  1. bvc a name that's a blast from the past,
  2. Also check through plasmoids as there's a kickoff called Lacalot
  3. Thanks It's just a simple theme/icon change from the default,
  4. Is that dock Daisy Alpha corolla plasmoid?
  5. Is that the arora web browser, and if so how stable do you find iT?
  6. dual monitor www.dualmonitorbackgrounds.com/ www.mandolux.com/ triple www.triplemonitorbackgrounds.com/ quad www.quadmonitorbackgrounds.com/
  7. cool. not often i see a gnome desktop like that. any info on the digital clock?
  8. ourdesktops.com i found this website to share with you, some amazing ideas to be seen
  9. to really liven it up install kde4 (kubuntu, opensuse, arch) beats the pants off the rest
  10. trying out ubuntu (gnome) looking for the perfect desktop, will be trying kde4 soon Dust theme with nuoveXT icons
  11. I tried running as root sudo passwd root but got the same error, even when trying kdesu konqueror the same error comes up, i have not emptied the cache as i do not know how yet
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