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  1. Not sure if anyone remembers Red star here, but he used to make packages for the Mandrake community before moving on the Pckinuxos. Anyways, it seems cancer is trying its best to take him down. Think of him in your thoughts and prayers, he needs it. https://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php/topic,146233.0.html
  2. grendal


    Trying Mageia 6 Gnome on my old Dell laptop, just installed. Be a while since I tried Mageia, maybe 1 or 2. Feels like meeting back up with an old friend to be honest, except I keep thinking Mandrake / Mandriva, lol.
  3. Yeah, I'm not much of a gamer anymore myself. Nostalgia made me try the games I did. Forgot how dark Doom3 is. Creepy on a winters night with headphonessential on. I can report no success with Simcity4. Apparently EACH games don't play well. Lol. Heard on linux unplugged podcast that the latest crossover, 16, runso Ms office 2013 well. So if you need it....
  4. Anyone using any of these? I just completed a trial of Crossover linux, for no other reason than I was getting Christmas decorations out and found some of FPS games. 2 of which I also have linux installers, but wanted to see how they did. Doom 3, postal 2 and Red faction all installed and played as well as I remembered. Could not get Madden 07 (American football) to install. Also was pleasant surprised that steel panthers:world at war played full screen with crossover. I was never able to do that with play on linux. I also found simcity so I may dust it off too. Anybody playing more modern games with it? I play Xcom2 and Civ4 with steam (native) but are there games not with steam / non native you play?
  5. grendal


    Itunes, the only reason I keep my windows 7 install. One stupid program. Not for me, but for my daughter and her Iphone. Otherwise, she has no problems using Linux, or as she calls my Mint install "Cinnamon". Over the years, I have tried in vain to get this to run via wine. Has anyone here tried it using vmware or virtual box, with a windows host? Die / does it work for you? As someone who hasn't played too much vmeware or virtualbox, is one a better choice for what I want to try?
  6. The other day I updated the Kernel on my desktop, then my laptop on my Mint 17.1 installs. As I was doing it, I realized that while I keep my system updated all the time, rarely do I update my Kernel. Am I alone in this? I can still remember using the command line in Mandriva, or was it still Mandrake, 9.1 to update my kernel and being worried that I was about to fork my install. Now, in Mint I can simply choose a kernel, apply and reboot to use it. For the average users, how important are the kernel updates?
  7. HEHE.............If you can't tell me what I am thinking now, I may just change my mind in two hours. "I'm not dead yet. I think I will go for a walk."
  8. I still miss this place, but never post anymore

  9. Hi all, It has been a while. I miss this forum and in an attempt to get some good discussion going..... Ok, you just finished the install of {your distro here}, and signed into it. What do you generally do next? I always do a system update, and if I am trying a new distro, make sure all of the sources I need are setup. Then I always install K3b, DVDrip, playonlinux, gpodder and Xtrkcad, along with any missing multimedia codecs. Then with playonlinux, I install office 2007. I like libre/open office but if I need to do work from home, I need to make sure the format is correct, and I have had some issues in the past with libre / open office. Now, while I do my updates and installs, the stock wallpaper is gone and I either search for a pic or use one I already have. So, how do you set yourself up?
  10. Just what I thought...NOTHING

  11. wow, you made it look just like windowsXP. Actually,it is probally the best OS ever released. (runs and hides). I mean look how many people are STILL using it. Are any two people running any other OS that is over 5 years old?
  12. Well, this weekend I am going to try Mageia, but the kde desktop. Funny enough on Mint I prefer Gnome but with Mandy or PcLOS or Mageia I always go with KDE. For some reason PCLOS 2001.6 doesnt like my old HP PSC1410, so hopefully I better luck with Mageia. Not too worried, unless I decide I like it better than Mint.....
  13. Ok, time to choose your favorite child, lol. Do you prefer the older child named PCLinuxOS or the new darling Baby called Mageia? I have both burned on discs. On my spare drive I am currently running PCLinusOS 2011.6. All seems fine, no issues on my machine. I will run it for a while, get bored and try Mageia. I did like the RC versions of Mageia, so I expect to enjoy the final release. So for me, like any good {haha} family member I don't think I can pick a favorite. What say's you? Given what I am hearing about the latest Mandrive release, it does make me wonder what Textstar will do in the future with PCLinuxOS.
  14. John, How are you liking or not liking Fedora 14? I've played around with Fedora off and on, as it was Red Hat that got me interested in Linux to begin with. But like my Red Hat experiences, I just never felt it was the distro for me. I used to have a whole list of sites to go to for Fedora help, but I think I finally deleted them as the were getting old. Have you looked @ the dangermouse site (dnmouse.org) for the autoten rpm, which helps install a lot of nice packages. As far as Unbuntu et al, I never cared for them, but currently I am using Mint and gnome. To my surprise I really like it, I did load the KDE version but went back to gnome. May I suggest it for your next distro hoping experience?
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