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Show off your Desktop (August 05)


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Long time since I've posted a screenshot. Well this is just something I played with for fun, because I still use the D3a theme  :cheesy:

That's pretty cool :D


My desktop is of a daisy :) Don't suppose anyone here would be interested though.....

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I thought you were in the gnome camp? I guess not, enjoy your resource raping KDE.  ;)



yes, i used gnome forr some time. yes, kde is a little more resource intensive (though with 1.5gb of RAM I don't notice, and it's not anymore CPU intensive).


Yes, I like KDE. It's more refined than GNOME. but lets not start that discussion :P

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Back in linux yay :D





Yes, KDE. Dispite being a GNOME zealot for so long, I tried KDE when I reinstalled linux a week ago, and am in love with it. So you can prolly blame me for swaying tyme away from GNOME aswell. =P

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