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  1. Since tyme is such a noob and couldn't figure it out ( =P ) for those that don't use rpm and can't find a package for their distro, you compile that source ( http://software.linspire.com/pool-src/los/...spire0.1.tar.gz ) using... make -f Makefile.cvs ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` make make install
  2. Nah, you're not "l33t omg hax0rz!!111" unless you run pure terminal with X not even installed. GUIs are for noobs. :P
  3. Back in linux yay :D weeee Clean Yes, KDE. Dispite being a GNOME zealot for so long, I tried KDE when I reinstalled linux a week ago, and am in love with it. So you can prolly blame me for swaying tyme away from GNOME aswell. =P
  4. http://hj.geektyme.org/screenshots/ss-10.30.04-2036.jpg
  5. I remember seeing some discussion on the gnome-themes mailing list about revamping the theme system.
  6. http://hj.geektyme.org/screenshots/Screenshot-1019.png
  7. I've seen that wallpaper on different screenshots, any links to download? It's soo cool... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can't find it on DA, and that's where i got it... But here ya go. http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/Wallpaper___Christine.jpg http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/Wallpaper___Ch...e-1920x1200.jpg
  8. gnome 2.8-ish http://hj.geektyme.org/screenshots/ss-09.16.04-2015.jpg
  9. New avatar, created it earlier today. http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/hj.JPG Just edited my avatar. http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/hj-wtf.JPG
  10. Purtty -X.org 6.8.0 w/composite extentions enabled and running xcompmgr -c -f fresh from cvs -GNOME 2.6.8rc1 -TiSkin-Dark GTK/Metacity -Nuvola Icons
  11. The .ICEauthority has to do with letting users access unix socket services i believe (like xfs or logging). and yes, the .dcop files are from KDE. You're not being hacked, so chill out.
  12. I don't use genkernel. Mainly because i aleady know exactly what i need to configure into my kernel and how to install it easily (even have a little script to do it for me), but also because the one time I used genkernel it took muuucchhh longer to build and install the kernel than it would manually plus it didn't even install right. Although to be fair, when I did try genkernel it was still very early in development, so I don't really know it is now.
  13. gDesklets do work in KDE actually, they'll work in just about any WM/DE. SuperKaramba is kinda of the same thing but for KDE, and it kinda only works for KDE too. (it'll run on with any DE/WM, but the transparency won't work) Here's a link for superkaramba. http://netdragon.sourceforge.net/ and you can get themes for it at http//kde-look.org But if you'd' rather try gDesklets, you can find the info you need at http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org
  14. yup, there is a way. here it is. http://wallpapoz.sourceforge.net/
  15. It's the screen on my dell inspiron 8500.1920x1200. Ilike my space.
  16. http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uxhz/gen...wer-management/ great powermanagement guide for gentoo
  17. i use a netgear 511, which uses the prism54 driver. works great. but it won't work out of the box with mandrake, you need to manually install the firmware file.
  18. ok... which one is suppose to be me? it damn well better not be the one on the right.
  19. HJ


    Ok, those icons you have install by default, are the gnome Amarth icons (even though kcontrol puts them in the icon them list, which is pretty dumb imo). You'll need to find the icon set for KDE and install them yourself.
  20. The link is not working right now for some reason, but here is what you're looking for... http://dot.kde.org/1082652256/ <link works now>
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