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  1. :woops: bvc here :lol: I'm trying but I can't even tar_up data without kernel panics, so I've been removing crap I haven't touched in a year and slowly moving crap over to another partition. Right now, I'm cleaning out the box (fans, heatsink etc..). t's been 3 months so it's not all that bad, but it is an athlon xp and I am in texas living in a mobile home so it's 83+ degrees in here I need a dust...a pc's worst enemy I'm just covering all bases :woops: nano doesn't
  2. I'm still calling the police - you are using it nonetheless..AND you are stopping other DVD player producers from making money - they'll be on the streets - because of you! ;) At least I (theoretically) am paying what Apple ask - those poverty-stricken managers at Apple won't have to beg for crumbs tonight! Well rather than busting than buldging blood vessel, why don't you explain how I can help further, rather than promoting, using, working out (sledgehammer) ways around etc? I mean, when I decided to try out mandrake 2/3 months ago, I wasn't expecting it be turn out to be a lifestyle choice, but please go ahead.. ;) So go and get angry at crackers of indepentent apps, or something that matters, instead of bursting a vessel on someone trying to expose a cracker app for just that...a cracker app for crackers. ;) How about 'music costs too much and music industry fat cats take too much' - there's something a little more important for you to go and get all cardiovascular about ;) edit: apologies for the winkathon <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have been asked by admin not to post under nano anymore Since bvc is disabled at my request...this is it. 1. I paid for powerdvd, which btw is porting to linux ;) 2. already stated how to contrib...you yourself have said, I do not understand your confusion and why you want to harp on helping devel an app. What do you not understand? What else is there? (Not really questions, because you have already answered them yourself) Wha? 3. Too late, if you were reading my post, which you obviously haven't been, you would know that I already stated that music cost too much. Read man Read! Slow down and try to comprehend what people are saying please instead of assuming. -root DONE :D I have been asked by admin not to post under nano anymore Since bvc is disabled at my request...this is it.
  3. So I can assume that you use these terrible, kiddie-fiddling, kitten-murdering hacks that enable you to play DVDs on linux, even though you've admitted that you have Windows and can play them legit on one of the many DVD apps available for XP? God knows what you'd say if you could just go and play them on some 'box' that you could link up to your TV ;) OMG! Get the police. Sue BVC quick! Send in the lawyers! ;) If I did use iTunes on linux then it would be due to the lack of alternative, no DRM is just a bonus. Did you use that DVD decryptor because you didn't have one on windows or couldn't use one of those mysterious DVD-linked-to-TV devices that certainly don't exist? As I explained clearly before, I can't help with development of any software directly, only in promoting stuff that may indirectly help, if that and a bit of money doesn't do anything then so be it, but I do think with your attitude you should write immediately to Mandrake, Ubuntu, Xandros etc and demand that they desist from positioning their distros towards newbies - I mean how are they going to help? Go get angry about something that matters - if you're gonna burst a blood vessel then at least do it over something important. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> dvdcss is not a hack against an any independent app or co ;) I do it on linux only to check out the devel of such. I use powerdvd on xp. I have $100-200 to spend on an OS....but not $1000. That's all I mean by the lack of $. I don't mind paying a fair price, like I do for music ;) Man...why do you say you can't help with devel of an app just because u can not code? Obviously, there are many ways to contrib, no? It is your attitude that fails to see what 'help with developing' means. It does not imply that one has to know how to code. So go and get angry at crackers of indepentent apps, or something that matters, instead of bursting a vessel on someone trying to expose a cracker app for just that...a cracker app for crackers. ;) -root
  4. I presume you never play encrypted CDs in linux then? Perhaps you should invite me around your house and I'll go around and name a zillion minor laws that you're probably transgressing in your daily living. Using FOSS software to enable me to legitamately pay for music won't be disturbing my sleep, believe me. As we're 'here' I assume that you actively protest against dodgy laws that do actually matter. I'm a nurse, not a programmer. HTML is the limit to my 'skills' and even thats not great. If you are seriously suggesting that I should stick to XP (Macs are irrelevant as I don't have the cash) then thats quite sad. It may have escaped your notice, but you can actually help out in a small way without being an expert in this field i.e. 1) Promote FOSS software generally (I know of quite a few people on my site who have 'made the switch' to FF or OOo due to a couple of us positively promoting FF and OOo - I'll do the same for Evolution when it comes out for Windows and keep pushing those screenies :) ) 2) Tell people how you got past problems - most on here seem to mention this 3) Report bugs (gotta admit, I don't usually do that as I try and find a way around) 4) Using FOSS - do you think the people who develop KDE / Gnome and whatnot only do this so that they can make sure techies have something to go on about and proudly state that they would never use? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, if you mean encrypted dvd's of course...that's a necessity for anyone that is linux only. There is 10 legit other ways to get your music a 200 ways to play it, so no one needs itunes. Not the case with dvd's now is it? Hello. Yeah, you could come here and find other violations but I can assure you it is only because of a lack of $. Not the case with a free itunes, now is it? You did NOT use FOSS software to enable you to legitimately pay for music. You used FOSS crackware that gives a secure, repectable, linux community a bad name ;) These sites work well, it's the OS's plugins that do not. I told you what to do about that, and you have 2 choices. Why you'd think it escapes me when I already told you to help in developing the poor plugins/os that it doesn't work well in does escape any reasoning (1. 2. 3. 4.) -bvc
  5. ooo...better contact Apple and tell them itune's m4p's are illegal oh yeah, -bvc <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Do you have any basis for the belief that DRM is legal? If yer gonna hang around and cause trouble, please post under the right username. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> most certainly and you might wanna do the same...you sure have spent many, many hours with profiles....looking for someone? Need help?
  6. 1. Using pymusique, i havnt agreed to any licenses 2. Rhythmbox, XMMS wont play DRM'd AACs. 3. Burning and then ripping loses quality. 4. I agree with Darkelve, I see DRM stealing *my* rights. All it does is hinder. It doesnt do what its meant to do. iphitus <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 1. exactly 2. plays my aac's...that all I care about whether drm'd or not is irrelevent. 3. at least it's legit and better than mp3's and ogg's 4. Doesn't matter what you think or see. It does do more than nothing, and has the interest of artist at heart. If you'd like to change the laws get active in changing them....don't crack and make excuses without lawful reasons ;) 1. No, its like going to one store and asking for a CD, then them saying - sure, but you can only play that CD on CD players that we approve of vs going to another without such restrictions, but at the same price. 2. (Un)Fortunately, I don't keep a copy of XP on my computer - so how would you suggest I download from iTunes? Write to Apple complaining? Jeez, it rarely does much good writing all those pi**ing emails to webbies trying to get them to get their sites to work better with Mozilla or to use video formats that aren't reliant on me having quicktime or WMP, you think Apple are going to take any notice? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 1. If you'd like to change the laws get active in changing them....don't crack and make excuses without lawful reasons ;) 2. You don't. Get xp/mac ;) ... ..use an OS that has plugins that work w/o effort and/or help in devel the poor plugins/os that it doesn't work well in. ooo...better contact Apple and tell them itune's m4p's are illegal oh yeah, -bvc
  7. exactly I do aac for rhythmbox, xmms etc... ...burn to cd (up to what? ....6 burns?)>convert to aac legit...within the license you click 'ok' to.... ...anything else, is theft... whether you pay $ or not. You pay $ and are still required to remain within the license you agreed to. Period. oh, -bvc
  8. learn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management was permission asked? granted? app made to work as intended by the owners?>>DRM? No. Licensed? No. -bvc
  9. that's like putting a lower priced tag on an item in a store, buying it at that lower price, and thinking you didn't steal There was a time that this thread would have been against board guidelines but I see that portion has been removed. I do however find it funny that links/threads to completely legal, open source iso's to a new mandrake release are not aloud but this cracker app is. As an musician/songwriter of 13 years I find it repulsive. I have iTune's on xp and other music is given to me, and I have used gtk-gnutella to download about 5 songs in the last 3 years. I will not anymore. On the flip side cd's cost way too much. $20+ is insane. So I use iTune's or do without. -bvc
  10. Rather unfair if you ask me - he's enabling us to pay the same amount as everyone else - though without the (in general, though less so with iTunes) restrictive DRM. The absolutely simple solution to this is to make an official iTunes client for linux..so IMO, apple have themselves to blame. Though I am sure they have MUCH bigger things to worry about a few linux users paying them! :) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> unfair? this is not dvdcss...not everyone needs itunes ;) quite fair quite lawful quite mature quite right
  11. bvc here loosers! loosers! loosers! loosers! giving linux a crackers name did they contact to ask if they could do it on the up_and_up? children! loosers! children! loosers! :deal: bums! /anon enable bvc
  12. http://www.linuxbase.org/test/registered.html
  13. bvc here, I'm on my wifes ML-10-OE. I didn't because they wanted easy install and config. While debian is easy for me and maybe some n00bs that is not as likely as with these other distros. I do agree that software install/removal is by far easier on deb than any other distro. Installing deban on a debian only hd is also very easy. If you have other os's you may find partitioning a bit scary installing deb if your experience is limited. :bvc:
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