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  1. Since tyme is such a noob and couldn't figure it out ( =P ) for those that don't use rpm and can't find a package for their distro, you compile that source ( http://software.linspire.com/pool-src/los/...spire0.1.tar.gz ) using... make -f Makefile.cvs ./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix` make make install
  2. Nah, you're not "l33t omg hax0rz!!111" unless you run pure terminal with X not even installed. GUIs are for noobs. :P
  3. Back in linux yay :D weeee Clean Yes, KDE. Dispite being a GNOME zealot for so long, I tried KDE when I reinstalled linux a week ago, and am in love with it. So you can prolly blame me for swaying tyme away from GNOME aswell. =P
  4. http://hj.geektyme.org/screenshots/ss-10.30.04-2036.jpg
  5. I remember seeing some discussion on the gnome-themes mailing list about revamping the theme system.
  6. http://hj.geektyme.org/screenshots/Screenshot-1019.png
  7. I've seen that wallpaper on different screenshots, any links to download? It's soo cool... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can't find it on DA, and that's where i got it... But here ya go. http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/Wallpaper___Christine.jpg http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/Wallpaper___Ch...e-1920x1200.jpg
  8. gnome 2.8-ish http://hj.geektyme.org/screenshots/ss-09.16.04-2015.jpg
  9. New avatar, created it earlier today. http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/hj.JPG Just edited my avatar. http://hj.geektyme.org/pics/hj-wtf.JPG
  10. Purtty -X.org 6.8.0 w/composite extentions enabled and running xcompmgr -c -f fresh from cvs -GNOME 2.6.8rc1 -TiSkin-Dark GTK/Metacity -Nuvola Icons
  11. The .ICEauthority has to do with letting users access unix socket services i believe (like xfs or logging). and yes, the .dcop files are from KDE. You're not being hacked, so chill out.
  12. I don't use genkernel. Mainly because i aleady know exactly what i need to configure into my kernel and how to install it easily (even have a little script to do it for me), but also because the one time I used genkernel it took muuucchhh longer to build and install the kernel than it would manually plus it didn't even install right. Although to be fair, when I did try genkernel it was still very early in development, so I don't really know it is now.
  13. gDesklets do work in KDE actually, they'll work in just about any WM/DE. SuperKaramba is kinda of the same thing but for KDE, and it kinda only works for KDE too. (it'll run on with any DE/WM, but the transparency won't work) Here's a link for superkaramba. http://netdragon.sourceforge.net/ and you can get themes for it at http//kde-look.org But if you'd' rather try gDesklets, you can find the info you need at http://gdesklets.gnomedesktop.org
  14. yup, there is a way. here it is. http://wallpapoz.sourceforge.net/
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