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  1. The latest screenshot I've taken. Long Live... ah heck. just look at the pic
  2. slicker is available from svn for testing, as it's not stable yet and has been going through some rewrites and such. the page is down atm :-/
  3. OpenOffice.org will eat your RAM like nothing. yes :-) yes :-) Get more mem and increase the swap size. Buy a new comp :-D Nah. if you're in icewm kde is dead as dead can be. Sing to the tune of Badger Badger. Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory, Memory... that's not a bug, it's a feature (really, it is) :D
  4. If you're behind a proxy then yeah, you'll need to set this up (i know nothing about this), normal cable/dsl/lan users don't need to worry about proxy settings however. What's more likely is that your server (if your grabbing from ftp) is fully loaded and won't allow any more connections when you try. This happens to me w/ carroll. as a matter of fact, i can usually only get stuff from it in the night time.
  5. If you're 1.4 gig p3 is faster than you 750 ghx amd that thing needs to be shot! But like adamw said laptop harddrives are usually much slower than deskotp counterparts, so that might have something to do with it. Another big factor is mdk searching for and loading a pmcia card modules and stuff so that it'll work. Takes time to find, takes time to load and takes more time to enable the network.
  6. one word: mplayer. ok, two words urpmi mplayer
  7. like this? http://jaeger.morpheus.net/linux/ntldr.html
  8. argh. stupid virtual settings repplace Virtual 1280 960 with Modes "1280x960" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480" and see if the works better
  9. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAH! Nuvola Madness. The icon set's been my default since forever (1.0 beta) Now I've got the wallpaper, splash screen and firefox theme. Firefox theme broke w/ 1.0 update though. :-( Oh yeah, modified shadows and such w/ xorg-6.8.1 I WILL HAXxX J00!
  10. AFAIK there is no free version of patition magic. If there is post a link to it instead. DO NOT upload it to this forum again. Having said that, there's not much we can do about pms...
  11. I added this patch to kdebase. http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=16114 It makes kwin natively use xcompmgr... or something. I'll see how unstable it makes KDE if at all. and decide whether or not i'll add it to my packages. KDE 3.3.0 rpms for club users I hear.
  12. wow. just noticed that I posted exactly 12 hours after you. It must mean something.
  13. we could tag team the rpms. Right now I intend on doing kdemultimedia. But can't anything right now. bloody mirrors are saturated thanks to CE release. And I've a few rpms to rebuild before. Also I'm going to add a patch for xcompmgr support to kwin (kdebase package) WOOT!
  14. Well Now I've started to do this (again) And this time I actually got paste KDELIBS! WOOOO! I'll post my progress here and if anyone wants rpms or to help feel free. BTW afaik there aren't any graves bugs in KDE 3.3 itself. People just aren't upgrading properly :-D Oh, and just so you guys know. I'm not adding _any_ mandrake patches to my rpms (makes it much simpler and much stabler). Which means no mandrake menu. If you'd like KDE w/ mdk aptches go to grab a spec file from http://cvs.mandrakesoft.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/SPECS/ , a corressponding src.rpm (for 3.2) and happy hacking :-D If you decide you just wanna rebuild your rpms i can help yah. So far I have kdelibs, kdebase, and arts done. right now I'm working on kdemultimedia.
  15. Installing a new Splash screen for KDE Ok so do you want to change the splash screen for KDE? Well keep on reading on in the next few steps you will be able to install a new theme that fits your need. 1.First up all open up Konqueror, a.You can open Konquereor my clicking on " Home " on your desktop or on your toolbar ( if you have not removed it ) 2.Next you will need to browse into .kde/share/apps. ( Incase you cannot see .kde then you will have to change Konqueror to show hidden files, if so read on. If not then skip the next step ) a.To make Konqueror show hidden files is very simple, on the Konqueror window go to View > and click on ' Show Hidden Files ' b.Now browse to .kde/share/apps 3.Once you are in .kde/share/apps you need to create a folder labeled ksplash a.To do this right-click > Create New > Folder... -When it asks you to put in the name for the folder type in ksplash b.Now click on ksplash to change directory into that folder. 4.Once you are in ksplash, you will need to create 2 more folders one labeled Themes and the other labeled pics NOTE: when you type in Themes make sure it is a capital T Follow step 3.a. to create both folders Themes and pics Now here is the part that might get a little confusing for some of you, Next you have to download a splash screen from the following websites, http://www.kde-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=35 Download them somewhere on your hard drive ( /home/usr, /home/Documents etc... ) remember where you are saving it to! 5.Once you have downloaded the splash screen of your choice and open up Konsole and type in the following, cd .kde/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/ Once you are in there do the following, * If it's a tar.gz, tar -xvzf /path/of/file/where/you/saved/the/splash/screen/to.tar.gz *If it's a bz2, tar -xvjf /path/of/file/where/you/saved/the/splash/screen/to.tar.bz2 The splash screens you have downloaded should be in their own folder inside of .kde/share/apss/ksplash/Themes Now to apply the splash screen you will need to click on Application Starter > System > Configuration > KDE > LookNFeel > Splash Screen Once that comes up you should see on the list the name of the splash screen you have installed. Click on the splash screen you want, then click ' Apply ' then click ' OK ' to exit, If you would like to see what the splash screen looks like in action, click on ' Test ' on the bottom left hand conner. And that's it! You have now learned how to install a splash screen. When ever you need to install another splash screen, just follow steps from 5. on down. Enjoy! -Luis
  16. true. if you use apache you could use SSIs, server side includes.
  17. I typed "reboot" while my roomie was typing. }:-)
  18. Please. I beg of you, don't use frames. Let them die the death they were meant to.
  19. I liked the default desktop a lot. Everytime I re-installed mandrake I just felt "at home" and kept it like that (especially the wallpaper) for a while. The one exception, the things I always changed were the size of the panel (to normal) and the removal of that BUTT UGLY purple background, behind the star. Very bad idea that was.
  20. Triumphant return to openbox 3. Beautiful Simplicity.
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