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  1. Hi all, I convered my xp from fat32 to NTFS file system. My problem is Mandy 9.2 still thinks the xp drive is fat 32. How do I get Mandy to see xp as NTFS? Thanks Neemoe Split into a new topic by Ixthusdan
  2. HI all, Sometimes on reboot I get this message "i8253 count too high". And on shut down after kill all and i get the power down phrase, it will come up repeatedly. Is there something it needs? what should/can i do? running Man 9.2 with 2.4 kernel thanks Neemoe
  3. Hi Could use some help. When I try to install a program (guarddog, cd ripper,etc). I get this error message while donig ./configure "checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!" What is it looking for and how can I help it to find what it needs I'm running Mandrake 10 downloaded Ver. Thanks Neemoe
  4. Duhoo! Some how my urpmi update base is locked how do i unlock it ? Neemoe
  5. LiquidZoo, Hey thanks for the help!! Everything is running like a champ. The more I use Linux the more I like it. I know from reading the posts, that some people have trouble with installing Linux on their Boxes. My installation went great. Not one problem, excepted for a few small issues. Flash for one but all in all my system run great. Again thanks for the help! Take care. Neemoe
  6. Trying to install flashpalyer for Mozilla. Got the rpm, tells me i need this........(libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3) k? where do i find this?? I've tried updates but no good. Could really uses some help. Thanks Neemoe
  7. Neemoe

    newbie dumb ?

    Dudes, I got the drivers in and it seems to be running great. Although am new to Linux. I sure like it a lot. Soon will drop XPee altogether. Again thanks for all the Help. This is one of many reasons i like Linux... the people!! Neemoe :libranet:
  8. Neemoe

    newbie dumb ?

    when installing nivdia drivers it wants (the system) me to exit X server... ok here's the dumb ? how do I do that? neemoe
  9. Neemoe

    My Doom virus

    Kool, So if we wanted to rid the world of viruses. wouldn't it be smart for all to use Linux of some type or another??? sounds like a no brainer really. Neemoe B)
  10. Neemoe

    My Doom virus

    Can the MyDoom virus or any virus affect Open source (Linux) type OS?? just wondering. My ISP just put up a big info link on it's home page. Nothing about Open Source thou. Sounds like their worried about it. Neemoe
  11. thanks fissy, that did the trick. I was using KDE, with your help i found my way. Neemoe
  12. I would like to make Xmms my default player. any help on how to? Thanks
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