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  1. Hi everyone...remember me? :P Haven't been able to determine if this is possible without using a media server (like XBMC, etc). Is there something out there that will allow me to stream from my computer to my Xbox360s that would also include the embedded cover art? I have a ton of mp4 movies and tv shows, all of which have cover art that has been embedded using iTunes in Windows. Lately I've been wanting to go back to using Linux more or less full time (haven't picked a distro, yet) and I'm hoping that I can get this functionality. I could use Plex, and I would have to with my Roku; but I'm really hoping that there is something else out there for the Xboxes because Plex, as wonderful as it may be, has issues. An example of this would be the fact that it shows Mission Impossible and Mission Impossible 3 as the same title, with the same cover art (hence my desire to have it read the cover art that is already embedded in the file). I've been reading around and seeing some programs that do parts of what I want to do, but not all. I could always use a media center, I know, but it would be harder to get that working with the Xbox (especially because I think that the only Media Center option for the 360 is WMC).
  2. Depends on the video card. The rating on most power supplies is the max that it will provide. What you are looking for in a good power supply is the highest continuous wattage for the +12v rail. I know that my desktop, running a Core2Duo, 3 sata hd's, an sata cd, and a 7600GS runs just fine on the 300W power supply that I have, but mine is rated 300W continuous, not max.
  3. I would recommend if you are upgrading from one release to the next that you do so with urpmi rather than rpmdrake. I've also always done it from outside of X to be on the safe side.
  4. I have also done this many times in the past, and each time it worked out well. I will say that you're much better off upgrading from stable to stable than trying to go stable to cooker (when the development cycle for the next release starts, things can get really messed up) or from cooker to stable (might be some glaring conflicts), though it is possible. Never thought to run etc-update (I do it all the time in gentoo, never thought to do it in Mandriva, or I didn't know enough about it at the time), but I have never had an upgrade replace my fstab file. Maybe something has changed since the last time I ran Mandriva.
  5. The ftp tree would be where you downloaded that iso from. That iso is ready to be burned to a cd (as an image, not just as the file) and you can most likely use it just fine. The md5sum would help you to check and see if the file you downloaded matches the size of the file that was created for distribution by Mandriva.
  6. Mandriva is just one of many different distributions (or "flavors") of Linux. You can usually find the md5sum file in the same directory as the dvd or cd isos on the ftp tree. It will have the exact same name as the regular iso, but it will have .md5 as the file extension.
  7. That's the bottom one too? I will have to see if it's available for gentoo. I'm sure it is, but sometimes you have to check.
  8. What are you using for your launchers (top and bottom)? I've been looking for an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure launcher that will work with KDE, preferably without requiring compiz (since it b0rked my KDE last time I tried to install it) I don't care if the configuration involves text files, I'm good with that, as long as it can accept a command that has multiple command-line options like a wine launcher.
  9. Have you set up your urpmi sources? If you have not, see the link at the top of the page for Easy Urpmi. There is an option in there to get the text commands needed to add the sources. Make sure you have them all (plf is recommended, though optional for what I'm about to tell you) After you have written down the commands, or however you want to copy them, log in as root on your Mandriva install, enter the commands to add the urpmi sources, then type XFdrake And set up your video card again. Even if it's right in there, set it up again. It will prompt you and ask if you want to install the proprietary drivers for the card, answer yes. Once it is done installing, you should be able to reboot and log in normally, then type startx and it should launch your desktop for you.
  10. Should be all lower case, not sure if that was just a typing error or if you tried a capital X in the command. Please do post the output here. It will help us diagnose your issue. Also, please let us know what type of video card you have.
  11. Also, judging by your response about the processor, it is possible that you didn't get the right version for your processor. It should still work, however, and everything will still be fine. When you get to that point you described, go ahead and type startx and let us know what happens. We can help you through it from there.
  12. I had this happen to me before due to an inadequate power supply. I replaced it with a better quality one and the problem went away. I have also heard of this happening due to overheating, but if that were the case you would most likely get some artifacting on the screen.
  13. I have used more than that amount in the past, especially if you do something that is log-file intensive, or install a lot of big programs. I usually partition with a separate /usr, and if I'm going to be doing something that I know will take up a lot of space log-file wise, a separate /var as well (though that is rare) Just pointing out that it is possible to use more than 9GB in your / partition, that's all.
  14. If you check in MCC > Hardware > Sound, is the sound system set to start at boot?
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