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  1. What sort of Mac? What graphics card? A lot of the ATI cards are broken in 10.1PPC. If you can get a working console up. Run "mcc" as root and change your graphics card to the kernel frame buffer driver. Note: this has a max setting of 800x600x16bit for the Rage 128 cards.
  2. No problem. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner.
  3. Yes. The 10.1 installer defaults to a 68k kernel which does not load with the G3/G4 PPC CPUs. All you need to do is manually change it. I have posted the text from the release notes which indicate the changes below.
  4. aus9: speaking as a fellow West Aussie... Go to Dick Smith and buy a pack of his own DSE brand CD-Rs. Cheap, Silver and Very Reliable. I have bought 2000+ over the past two years: never had a problem or a bad burn.
  5. NVU 0.60? A quick scan of NVU.com shows the current release is 0.50. Is that what you meant? There is a link to an RPM for 10.0 here: http://www.nvu.com/download.html It works without problem on MDKL 10.1 OE. However, if you have difficulty installing it - try doing the following: urpmi -ivh --nodeps nvu*rpm Please post a resolution to this thread - so we can close it. Let us all know if you have a problem or if t worked :-)
  6. I used to distroswap all the time - RedHat, SUSE, Debian, Lunar, JAMD, PCLinuxOS, Lindows, Slack, Mandrake, Gentoo, Slackintosh... However, asides from the occasional change on my iBook - from Yellow Dog to Sarge to Ubuntu to Sarge to Sid to Yellow Dog to Mandrakelinux PPC - I am now a commited Mandrakeuser It's star stuff...
  7. Cooker is now awake. GNOME 2.8 has dropped in there. Why not Vanilla install 10.1 and then upgrade to 2.8 from Cooker using URPMI?
  8. Speaking as an OS "slut" who uses more Operating Systems than most people care to count: Solaris, GNU/Linux, Windows, OS X, FreeBSD. All I can say is that OS X is very well hyped :-) I think Longhorn will narrow the gap between OS X and M$. Having played with recent longhorn betas, I am certain of it... sad but true
  9. Not trying to start an argument but I need to correct you there Cannonfodder. Mac OS X is not based on OpenBSD and is not directly related to any of the BSD family. Mac OS X consists of two parts: GNU Darwin, an open source Unix-like environment which is based on the BSD source tree and the Mach microkernel, and a proprietary GUI named Aqua, developed by Apple. Yes OS X is UNIX. Some of it is based on FreeBSD but it is generally based on GNU/Darwin and the Mach kernel. Apple are active contributors to the OpenDarwin project which develops teh GNU/Darwin UNIX variant. PearPC does emulate PPC on x86. Last time I ran it on a 3.2Ghz Pentium 4, I got OS X Panther to run at 25Mhz.... it is still very slow!
  10. mousematt


    Would you consider using a PCI card with additional IDE ports on it.
  11. mousematt


    AussieJohn Buchan Milne has packaged Firefox 1.0 for Mandrakeclub members. I imagine the Mandrakesoft version will be in contrib in a few days time. A quick look at the dependencies for the NORLUG one; its assuming you have fully installed all updates available for MDKL 10.1 prior to installation. It obviously wasn't built against a vanilla install. If the Firefox 1.0 rpm isnt in contrib by Friday. I'll upload it myself. Stay tuned.
  12. I've had a look at Dick Smith's here in Perth and online at http://www.dse.com.au; I can't find the panasonic card reader you spoke of. Can I please have some more information iphitus.
  13. I would like to buy a small, simple and cheap USB card reader: specifically, one that reads SD and MMC cards. It needs to fairly cheap, very compact and able work under Mandrakelinux 10.1 without a kernel recompile. Moreover, it must be reasonably easy to find on eBay or here in Australia. I have found a dozen different models all over the place, although none of them clearly state if they are Linux (kernel 2.6) friendly. I imagine a number of board members have them - I'd like one too! Please share your experiences (good, bad or otherwise) and suggest a purchase... ...and remember MandrakeMag is watching :mdk:
  14. In short; Mandrakesoft do not make the AMD64 ISOs freely available. Officially, Mandrakelinux for AMD64 is only available as an expensive boxset. However, some online vendors like linuxcd.org have carried AMD64 releases in their store for approximately US $6 + shipping. MDKL 10.1 for AMD64 is not available from their online shop; however, it will be shortly. Consider bookmarking this link, I would really recommend Mandrakelinux for Athlon64. http://www.linuxcd.org/view_distro.php?lst...11&id_distro=19 10.1AMD64 will be available shortly. In the meantime, think about joining Mandrakeclub. Also, did you know that the standard x86 release of MDKL 10.1 will work on your AMD64 system?
  15. The Twiki site is still offline. The framework is there but the content is still being reuploaded. I will post the correct link in this thread when it comes online. Please stay tuned.
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