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  1. I believe thac made some kde 3.3 rpms that you can try. The link to it is on one of the more recent posts on kde.
  2. It doesn't appear to me you used urpmi to install the rpm. It seemes like you are getting these messeges due to missing dependencies. A dependency is just a piece of softrware that is required to make a package work. Easyiest way to install this, would be to set up urpmi sources. FAQ's will walk you through setting urpmi up, which sources to get and so fourth. In this case, you would add the plf site, cooker, and contrib. Thsee are the most common sources. Then you can either open your software mamanger and install that rpm you want to install or as root from a console, you can also install by typing urpmi libfreetype6-2.1.7-4. This will install the rpms, plus dependencies required.
  3. Free in charge is not what open source is about. It's about free as in Free Speech. Mandrake Club is really about supporting the distro. After all, you can get a lot of the same apps from your ftp sources for free. Mandrake for a while was in bankruptcy, thanks to the Mandrake Club scheme and the genorosity of users, it is no longer in bankruptcy. IMHO, every user, if the appreciate their efforts, should contribute in some way.
  4. MPlayer is good and there is a plugin you can get for embeded viewing w/in a browser. There's enough info and thousands of pages why you should switch to Linux so really, at the end it's your decision.
  5. I would move to XFce bcuz you are still using a semi DE where as Flux is a WM. Flux will seem really awkward at 1st.
  6. The FAQ's is a good place to start learning about compiling and updating your kernel As for wine, I myself don't use wine as Linux does everything I need. I would suggest posting a seperate topic about wine in the Emulation section. Post whatever errors you are getting. They will be helpful.
  7. Can't think of any obvious reason why. Is this broadband or dial up?
  8. That can do it to. I might just pick up on it then. Don't mind if I ask for a little help. So far i've built 2 rpms.
  9. 1. If the pda is running a palm os, it is easy to get working. 2. I'm pretty sure. 4. I use GiFTui which links up with Kazaa using Fast-track. Yes, you should switch. Of course!
  10. Not!! It's a karamba theme :) http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=6384 Have fun. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> My bad. I didn't notice it was kde. Looks just like gdesklets though.
  11. Thanks for posting that. maybe it will help him.
  12. you have to add it by typing gdesklets clock.display or something like that. what ever the file is called.
  13. i agree. easiest way to do it.
  14. That would be gdesklets. that weather program would be called something look good-weather.psi. You can instal gdesklets w/urpmi if you have your sources added, then go to the gdeskelts site to install the sensors such as that weather display. Just google for gdesklets to get the website w/the sensors.
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