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  1. Thanks michaelcole! airsnort in command line works... and been tried with snort in command line, but nothing happen?? David
  2. Hi... I am in school to study for networking.. and professor asked me to take packet sniffer and Intrusion Detection and Prevention System. I saw we have Airsnort and Snort from Mandriva.. So, I thought to download easier than outside... After I completed both softwares, but nothing showed ?? I have restart but still nothing??
  3. Try MCC by Tools --> System Tools --> Configure Your Computer... Then, Click "Boot" and Look for "Set up display Manager"...
  4. Something I might missed?? When I downloaded from Mandriva reps, then restarted... I clicked Avant Window Navigator (Menu, Tools, More ---, it showed up, then disappear too quick... So, I tried with AWN Manager, and it works, and I made adjust and add launchers... But it still disappear quick when I clicked Avant Window Navigator??
  5. Shoot... I would love to start?? Problem, I am not expert in linux yet... Which is why I just start my school in computer technology and hopefully build up my skills... I will visit Mac4Lin and learn more.... Maybe I can pick up some to help you?? Thanks...
  6. Thanks dude67.... I will try AWN tonight since I tried kxdocker, osdocker, and Kiba-dock, they didn't work right... So you got from mandriva reps or download from AWN own site??
  7. Jaraeez, Mind my asking... You use KDE?? Will AWN work well in KDE althought it is for GNOME... I am now using Kiba-Dock, but I am frustrate and got same black rectangle on the bottom area where dock is.. I never thought of cover up with design top and bottom to look nicer.. By the way, your artwork look really nice! Otherwise, the weather at your home area is cloudy and shower?? Eh?? :huh:
  8. Many thanks... I find ./superkaramba, and deleted then remove LWP... I had re-download mirror from LWP 15.0 and it works..
  9. When I success with Liquid Weather (LWP) until I change Crystal in somekind area and reseting it but stuck with "Loading, please waiting.. with Flower picture".... I saw other place mentioned that I need to delete ./superkaramba.kba (something like that)... I am still little noob... How can I delete it?? I can't see where./superkaramba is?? Anyone have same experience with LWP before??
  10. Wow, very simple!! It works... Thanks!
  11. I was unable to get liquid weather 15.0 cuz I have no pyqt installed... I typed urpmi pyqt, pyqt3, and pyqt4, they said no package named _____?? which repos that have pyqt?? I have tons of them like main, contrib, plf-nonfree, plf-free?? Maybe one that I missed?? [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  12. Thanks guys... Just to be sure... I was trying to pay attention on system more...
  13. When I installed 2008.1... everything went smoothly until I open Ktorrent and use it... Then the RAM start to build up itself from about 700 MB to about 1936 MB out of 2048 MB... I had either way to restart and/or shut down and then start up... The RAM start build up itself and reach about 1900's MB within 3 hours without open any application..... I don't know if it is helpful, but the list showed in code "top" This one is at the beginning..... At the end, it come up 1900's MB but look the same on list?? I removed Ktorrent by "urpme" I thought it was conflict for some reasons... But seems nothing help??
  14. I have same problem and it was success... Make sure you update your software sources like daniewicz mentioned.. Look at what I have been throughly, just to be sure right sources... networking problem...
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