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    Mandrake 9.2 or 10

    For your Fist time, go with 10. It simply works. Some people have had some trouble, but this board is here to help with that. If you look back, at lot of people had troubles with 9.2, so like was said before each release has less than desirable "features" included that may or may not affect you. Check to make sure your hardware is supported and save yourself some trouble, if your system is solid you should be ok.
  2. I may, I had considered Xandros before, but settled on staying with Mandrake. But now I am tempted :deal:
  3. You'll have to tell it which port the modem is connected to. The default setting is modem, but your modem will be (I'm at work not at myhome pc) something like ttys1 or ttys0 or USB perhaps. As you are configuring your dial up, it will be under device tab (I Think). This is all in the kppp, have it ping your modem, if it doesnt respond you'll have to change (like from ttys0 to ttys1, etc.) I wish I was at the house and could give you better advice, but It's not too difficult.
  4. Same here US Robotics Sportster, you can probally get one on ebay I would guess. Im sure there are newer ones out there, but mine runs great and a used one should be cheaper I would think. Maybe find some lucky stiff would ugraded to dsl and see if he/she will part with theirs (I got mine from work, as did about 4 others when they went dsl).
  5. 7? I guess I missed 6. So does this hardrive installer work?? I have never been able to get it to work myself.
  6. with 10 I've came across a lot of invalid signatures also, with varying degrees of install success, which doesn't go over well on a dial up connection I've tried changing my sources, updating them also, neither of which seemed to solve the problem. The main problems seem to lie in PLF and Contrib, is this where your finding them also SwiftDeath?? I'm pretty sure PLF has the quake stuff (and you do need the discs for them to run-google it for instructions) So how can one go about fixing this problem?? Is their a way to import the signatures or update them on your machine?
  7. I haven't tried it in linux (you'll need wine) but Power Tab is pretty sweet (and free). Franks corner ( http://frankscorner.org/ ) says it works with wine, but no midi playback. Anyways here's the link for power tab : http://www.power-tab.net/ and if you get it working, there are alot of power tabs out there, if you want them that is.
  8. grendal


    since were dicussing messed up internet connections: In the past I brought my box into work (dsl), configure it to connect, did all my updates (sweet) then got home (dial up :( ) and couldn't connect to any sites I ended up reinstalling my system when even the upgrade/update trick didn't work. And now I read it may have been a stupid firewall I never thought of that, I kept setting up my connection over and over and over...............
  9. I never have like Totem much, it always seems to error for me also. Have you tired mplayer, xine or ogle? I think you will have to download ogle, but mplayer and xine are on the mandy discs. Also you could check too see if there are any updates available for totem, if you don't want to install any other media players.
  10. Nice site, lots of good stuff to look over(and it seems all to be freeware).
  11. On your second point, I belive you can just sign up for a month or two, which gets your more support from transgaming. Also you get udate/upgrades as they become available, and as long as your a memeber.
  12. Yeah its 98se, not Me. Ad you can still get updates, Microsoft changed their policy, since they didn't get a lot of people upgrading when they "announced" that they would no longer be supporting 98 98se and that Me supoort would end soon. Now you have until 2006 (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?pr=LifeAn1 ) . Support, on the other hand, now you have to pay for that.
  13. Ok, I'm tired of my daily calls from my wife, telling me that either my daughters games or the kids she babysits games won't run on XP (ntfs). (compatibility mode? yeah that works lol)So I'm ready to wipe XP out however, I will have to replace it with another Ms product until I can get them to see the light or get wine to work (which I haven't really tried). So can I wipe Xp and install 98se, while not losing my mandrake 10 install? The way I see it is, install 98se, then boot with mandy 10 cd1 in, then "upgrade" this install, which would restore lilo. At least thats my plan until you guys tell me I'm and give other instructions
  14. Thanks for the rpm tyme. I haven't been able to figure out how to import the windows fonts on 10oe I sure it's just operator error. So when will you be bringing those other rpms?? Should we get ready to update our urpmi sources?? :D Thanks again
  15. too bad you can't download LINUX versions!!! Still fun however
  16. No I havent tried Opera mail, is it similar to yahoo mail?? I have an old yahoo account that of course, the mail is stored by yahoo, so its can be read on any pc. Its just that that account has become samped with spam. I'll look into the Opera mail, since I also use that browser on both, along with mozilla firebird. I even have my wife, who almost refuses to use linux, using firebird instead of Explorer. So I guess that progress.
  17. Is there a way to share email (Im using Mozilla Thunderbird) between mandy 10 and a windows xp install with NTFS? I know its possible wwith a fat32 partition, but can it be done with a NTFS partition?
  18. awesome. good luck. My pc guy has allowed me to install Mandrake as well, but I only boot to it at lunch time and if I'm taking a break. (which means I probally want to get away from my pc for a while.) I have it updated and running smooth and can do my document (ie open office) work from it , which I have done just to show that you can. (duh) . If I could get my CAD software to run, then I'd use Mandrake all day!
  19. Thanks Anon, one question are these for CE or Offical?
  20. I see PC Linux Online has an article on this also, as they point out: since no evidence or source code has been released, this may be a hoax.
  21. I came across this website: http://www.specopslabs.com/david.htm Has anyone heard of it? Could this be the program to get windows users to convert?? Wine didn't do it, win4lin didn't do it. So will this be different ? Maybe, the premsie seems good, I mean if I could run my CAD software on Linux, My boss wouldn't care what OS I was using, as long as I get my job done!!!
  22. I liked the livecd version, but I never was able to get either ver. 4 or 5 to boot in a hard drive install, I know others had this problem also. I think overall its a good distro (?) but hopefully Texstar can work the bugs out on the installer before the next release.
  23. Ok, I found a rpm for 9.2 that worked, I installed several modules during the "first time setup" which was easy enough, is that method also possible later? In other words did I waste time downloading other modules? And how do you install modules from a zip file?
  24. cant be much more neutral than that.
  25. I want to use bibletime, which also usesing the sword project but can't seem to get it to run. Heres what Im using: mandrkae 9.2 , bibletime-1.1-1.src.rpm , libsword3-1.5.7-1mdk9.2.i586.rpm (and the devel rpm) and finally sword-1.5.7-1.mdk9.2.rpm. everything installed correctly(so I thought), but I can't get it to run. Should I uninstall bibletime, since the rpm wasn't specifically for 9.2? they have a 9.0 rpm should I use that? Also how are the modules installed? Ive used bibletime/sword in windows but never did figure out how to install the modules. Thanks in advance for the help I know is coming.
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