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  1. I've always been partial to Freeduc as an education live cd (though it doesn't have too many secondary education applications) and I've gotten it to run on the worst of computers. For the kids, another good live cd is games knoppix, though at present they are moving to dvds so that might not work as well as others.
  2. With a linux email server, its a little different stakes. Having people get email from your server means that you have people that are either you customers (i.e. a business) or people that are your friends (i.e. a small fun based server). At work we use winblows machines with a linux machine to take care of email and the website. In that instance we use a few AV (not sure which ever since the "main" IT guy got paranoid and kicked me out of the server room blaming me for messing with his servers) because it's much less hassle then going around and fixing virii on every machine. I still stand by my reasoning that a general linux user shouldn't have to be the one to fix everyone else's problems. Sure if you get a file which tries to do funky stuff, don't pass it on, but why should us Linux users have to make sure winblows users aren't caught with their pants down?
  3. Due to the nature of Linux, a virus will only destroy the block its in. For instance if you have Bill, Dave, and Sue, and Dave gets the virus, he's screwed, not Bill, Sue or the entire system. With Windows everything is so integrated that a virus that affects Dave will hose the entire system. It is possible to spread virii through linux with email. I've never done it myself (that I know of) and it would only affect the people I send it to. That is a fairly funny topic though. A friend of mine who makes webpages using IE only tools was complaining to me how Linux users don't care about spreading virii with their systems. I asked him why they should care when he didn't care about them. His response was they should get IE instead of complaining. Two guesses what my response to him was.
  4. The thing I wonder why people haven't mentioned is all of those other wms that were just tossed to the wayside. "Just tell people to use KDE". What about XFCE, IceWM, Blackbox etc (ok, so at least Linus didn't call them crap)? Personally, I prefer KDE because its very familar to me (raised on winblows) and I like what customizability it has. Linus was a bit childish with the comments imho, but he has every right to say what he wants. Thats what free speech is all about.
  5. For me GUI use is preferable (did grow up on winblows) but I am quite competant with cli. Proof of this is my recent administrating of a server via SSH connection.
  6. Thank you. I got one working with xine.
  7. I have some various mov files which I love to watch (as well as a friend of mine only distributes in that format a little video he does) but I can't seem to find something to watch that format in linux. I saw quicktime 4 linux but wasn't too sure of them (their site was very "we might run it, we might not"). Can anyone suggest something that would work for me to watch these files?
  8. From my experience I've never had a dependency problem with deb packages or using apt. I can remember vividly having to urpmi a file to do it to another, another, another etc until I finally urpmied the one I wanted. That is why I've gone over to debian based distros. Maybe the problem has been fixed but now that I've found a good distro no need for me to leave.
  9. I want to make the user ithdesign login and start at the directory /var/www and limit access only to that directory. How do I do this? I'm trying to allow ithdesign (the account used for anyone to edit a home webpage) access only to the website (located in /var/www).
  10. The game looks cool. It says it runs in Linux, so I figured to download the demo to see how I liked it. I only found windows demos though. Is there a linux demo for the game?
  11. I try to play games which cedega, dosbox or linux run all the time, but when I have friends who play only windows games, I play the same games as them. Also I have several hundred dollars worth of games (ok ok, worth 20 by now, but it cost alot to get them) which I can't get to work in linux. Since I get hankerings to play them, I keep a windows partitian around. My motto is Linux for work and windows for play. Hmmm, I havn't booted into windows for a few weeks to play though... To get to a point, while there are plenty of games for linux, there is a definate lacking of some genres and game types so I play them in windows. The selection for linux however is getting better by the day. Its almost to the point where I just don't buy windows games anymore.
  12. I have used a few. Evolution was my first choice when I was using Redhat, but when I started to use mozilla in windows, I switched to mozilla email. When I seriously got into Linux (mandrake) I switched to kmail for 2 seconds before thinking it was junk and switching back to mozilla. Now I use Thunderbird because it didn't make sense to use firefox and mozilla mail. The thing I don't like about evolution is their spam filters. I continually try to make it work (use evolution at work) but nada. Thunderbird however is doing good with catching much of the spam.
  13. A warning though about cedega. It generally only plays well recent games which are popular to the people who buy cedega. Most windows games I've tried (I got hundreds from the last ten or so years) don't work. Several however work as well or better.
  14. I've found these to be my favorites: Unreal Tournament (virtually ever version has either linux installer on cd or easily downloaded off net) America's Army (not so much but still good) Battle for Wesnoth (great strategy game. Reminds me of old Avalon Hill games) Blobwars (platformer but fun somehow) Supertux (you like mario? This is mario with linux :)) Those are my favorites, but if you look through this forum you'll find not only sites dedicated to linux gaming, but some reviews as well (look at the stickies)
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