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  1. Hmm, the invisionboard download without support option is free. So far I am leaning away from phpbb, the only thing keeping me away is this ability to have custom objects in the profile. Like right now, a profile has gender, but with IBB if I wanted, I could add a box for linux distro, or processor speed or whatever i wanted. I could even have it display under a user's name. IBB calls them custom profile fields. Using PHPbb's demo version I have yet to see an option for that.
  2. I while back, I used to have a considerable knowledge of php boards. But many new versions have come out and things have changed. Which one would most people here prefer. PHPbb is open-source but Invisionboard has more features. I was just wondering what people's expeirences are. I am considered about a few things: -Speed -Intuitive-interface (for users) -An option to add things to profile that aren't there yet (such as a division or something) -Portal capability (good portals that go with a certain forum). Basically just a portal that can have some people post news on the front page and make seperate pages for viewing such as About Us and Contact Information or whatever I desire. -Security Thanks, I'd appreciate anyones advice. My webserver is a Red Hat server with MySql and Php.
  3. After mount your partitions. I got a frownie face and a cannot find root partition error. When i typed chroot /mnt, an error message came up saying Program quit abnormally (step 2) or something close to that. I am afraid to try this, because Windows said the mbr was irregular (probably because of grub). It later said CAUTION: This process may destroy all partitions and all information on those partitions. That caution leaves me a little afraid to go ahead with that. My plan right now is to copy the broken hard drive, put the copy in the computer, and maybe it'll work temporarily. Does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks for the continued help, SwiftDeath
  4. I tried that and it did nto work. I stuck in my old Mandrake 10.0 Official First Cd. It said it could not the find the bootloader. I think the problem is its a GRUB bootloader that was installed by Fedora Core 3. I hope that works. I'll try it once I am out of school. I have Windows XP Professional installed with Service Pack 2. Thanks for the help, SwiftDeath
  5. My primary slave hard drive broke. It was holding my unusable version of fedora because I could not even boot to a console on it. Eventually that hard drive broke (said hard drive error in the bias) so I removed it. Unfortunately it screwed up GRUB and now I can not even boot the first hard drive. Which is support to work. When it gets to Grub, it just says GRUB HARD DRIVE ERROR or sometimes if I am somewhat lucky it'll bring me to the grub console. I need to solve this solution fast because finals are coming up and I do not have time to mess around with Linux or Windows for that matter. Does anyone know a way to fix grub and boot into windows or just flat out reinstall the windows boot loader (desperate times means desperate measures). I will probably have more time to experiment more with linux this summer, but unfortunatly right now I am still in school. Thanks for the help, SwiftDeath
  6. Cannonfoder. I need to have grub recognize a config file. At the moment I have to manually boot to windows. My first hd is windows. My second bios drive is linux. My old grub that worked is still on the second harddrive. But I had to install a new one on the first drive. I hope that clears it up for you cannonfoder. Note: To all still answering. Please understand this isn't the basic of problems. I don't believe this is a basic newbie problem and it may require some more work than a normal one would. I have looked at various tutorials and I dunno what is going on. Thanks for the help, SwiftDeath
  7. I wish soo too, That was one of the first things I tried. For someone reason it does not replace the boot-loader. I tried it three times, with no sucess.
  8. I get that. As for this suggestion: I did do that, thats not the knoppix fstab, I think knoppix will just add some lines to the bottom temporarily.
  9. This is my fstab. Grub Menu Below (none found) I dunno if that is the right grub though, because its on the second harddrive (hdb). I dunno how grub works, but I never found a hda1, so I'm assuming grub is loading from here.
  10. I figured some more stuff out. I can boot into windows if i Type rootnoverify (hd0,0) chainloader + 1 boot I can also start the boot of linux if i type kernel /vmlinuz- ro root=/dev/hdb2 initrd /initrd- boot Unfortunatly, on linux I get a kernel panic. I think its because I swapped harddrives. I added the ro root=/dev/hdb2 because I thought that would fix it. I also tried variations of that like" ro root=/LABEL/ and without ro root at all. They all get kernel panics. Can someone please help me boot into linux and then restore grub back to a normal menu? Thanks, SwiftDeath
  11. Hmm, well I got grub to reinstall. But unfortunatly, grub doesn't work right now. Its just a black screen, and its says >grub and It allows me to type commands. Unfortunatly I don't know what to do. I cannot boot into eitheir operating system and I'm stuck using knoppix for the moment. Which is incredibly distro btw. Please Help soon, Thanks, SwiftDeath
  12. FuzzyLizard: I had linux installed months before windows. And I tricked the windows mbr by disconnecting one of the harddrives like I earlier. Unfortunatly, I did not make a linux boot cd. Cybr: In my first post I said I got an error kinda like this when doing that" I was using the first fedora cd though, and that site said to use the rescue one. (Which I don't have). I do have knoppix though, and suze live. But for someone reason, like I said, installing grub is a weird issue. It says something like /dev/hdb1 cannot coresspond with a certain device.
  13. I bought another hard drive that was 80 gigabytes just for windows. I have been using Fedora linux for about 2 months. Yesterday I installed the second harddrive and installed Windows on it. It wanted to go over my mbr (grub), so I thought I was smart, and i disconnected the main harrdrive. So it put the mbr on the second drive. So when i boot, grub still shows up. So anyways I added this to my grub title windows rootnovrify (hd1,0) chainloader +1 That boot never worked. It would just sit there for at least 20 seconds. But I could still go into fedora. So I asked for help from someone in the channel #Fedora. His name was Plixed. He suggested I change the harddrives so windows is the first one, for some reason. So now the mbr boots to windows, and grub is on the other harddrive and disabled. I was supposed to do 3 steps. 1. Change the fstab entries from hda to hdb. 2. Switch the harddrives 3. Reinstall grub over windows mbr I got stuck on the third one. He said put in the first fedora cd. Type Linux Rescue. I did that. Then do: Chroot /mnt/sysimage grub-install /dev/hda (I also tried grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/hda) Both times I got an error message saying /dev/hdb1 couldn't correspond with something (which is now the linux harddrive). So now I'm stuck in Windows. Can someone help me fix this mess? I just want to be able to dual-boot Fedora Linux and Windows. Thanks, SwiftDeath
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    Sounds ok, But I don't want to spend 30 bucks cause it sounds like the game is going to hell on their forums last time I checked.
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