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  1. I was able to get both Madden 2k3 and Madden 2k4 ( both American football games, for those outside the US)to work, but you'll ned to use a no cd crack. Also all the helmets were black in 2k4, but I haven't tried any tweaaking on it yet. Also Red Faction works pretty well, Red Faction 2 wont install. I think next I'm going to install some of my daughters games just to see if they work ( she has a few that lock up in windows so they will be first)
  2. Ok, so I just need to make ISO's with mkisofs, then proceed. Thanks Tyme
  3. will this method work if you dont have the iso images? I have the powerpack edtion discs but no isos.
  4. grendal


    what were those steps again? do I need to do them in any real order? I like that answer Soulse, thanks
  5. Yeah, Good Luck!! I hope your hard work pays off. I know I would never be able to figure it out.
  6. I always seem to go back to KDE. I like Gnome also, but had trouble installing 2.6 on mandy 10oe, (it worked but I had some small errors that irratated me) so I again went back to KDE.
  7. First welcome to the board!!! This place seems to have all of your linux (and windows and mac and ....) answers. Second, I belive xorg is currnetly in the cooker version and will be released with 10.1. Others can confirm that.
  8. So is this a good distro to try? I have wanted to try Debian ( I know this isn't Debian only Debian Based), but didn't want to try to install it( seems like a pain to install -not as bad as Gentoo seems, but thats another thread). From what I've read it Libranet seems easy to install and run. Also, is this a full version? The site says "feel free to use this tria;l version for as long as you want" Does this make it CE version?
  9. just a suggestion but have you edited your config-4 ? I don't have an ati card, but with a nvidia card you need to change the driver from 'nv' to 'nvidia". I'm not sure what ati calls for, but perhaps thats the probelm now. Good luck
  10. Artic, I'm sure I would be gald to take them off your hands :deal: as I'm sure alot of others will be also. :D
  11. Well, actually I want world Domination But I guess since I signed on I'll agree with you ( For now anyways)
  12. grendal

    Problem starting UT

    Do you have your video card configured for 3d? Have you installed Nvidia or ATi drivers? If not that may be your problem. Also what distro are you running?
  13. and which of the eleven langauges are you going to use?? :D
  14. grendal

    Gnome 2.6

    Ok I finally got Gnome 2.6 from : http://wwwra.informatik.uni-rostock.de/~wa.../GNOME2.6/RPMS/ and installed it. Now However I'm getting two error when Gnome starts: 1.Error activating XKB configuration. Probably internal X server problem. X server version data: Mandrake Linux (XFree86 4.3, patch level 30mdk) 40300001 If you report this situation as a bug, please include: - The result of xprop -root | grep XKB The result of gconftool-2 -R /desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/xkb 2. Failed to load image evolution.png Details: Couldn't recognize the image file format for file '/usr/share/icons/Lush/scalable/apps/evolution.svg' Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) is what this stands for, but how do I fix this? Do I need to install xorg for 2.6? IS that why I get the first error? I found xorg rpms @ http://mandrake.contactel.cz/people/svetlj...rake/10.0/RPMS/ or am I just missing something that I forgot to install ? Thanks again.
  15. I'm in too. Hopefully this works and others will follow.
  16. I dont see your problem, I guess. Just look at it this way its $15 (minimum) and with that you get winex and three months of FREE upgrades. After that its $15 and three months of upgrades, unless you keep your subscription, then maybe only $5 for one month. Whats the big deal?? If you buy say office or medal of honor or whatever, you get that, maybe/probally a patch to fix it/ upgrade it and nothing else. With winex, you may get a new version before the three months are up. I really don't think its a bad deal, just pony up $15 and forget it. Six months from now, you can opt to do the samething or you may say, this works fine and I don't need to upgrade. so it only cost $15 bucks, How much do you think Microsoft would charge for something like this? And how long would you be able to upgrade/update it for free ( well included in the price) ? sorry no caffine yet today I didn't mean to ramble on and on and on....
  17. I too agree, Good job Gowater. This needs to be spread around. Why can'tt they come up with a standard set of config tools ( or just embrace linuxconf?) like rpms and tar files are for installing software. (I know there are others ie .deb) but you get my meaning.
  18. grendal

    Gnome 2.6

    Ok, so I still have no Gnome 2.6. Oe only has 2.4 and dropline is based off of slackware 9.0 so I'm not sure its compatible. If it is let me know and I will get that as it seems straight forward.
  19. grendal

    Gnome 2.6

    How do I install gnome 2.6? First I assume that I need to be in KDE or any other Desktop, and then delete my current version of gnome. Thats about as far as I know. Should I use the remove software program to remove gnome or is their a better way? Also is it possible to completly download all of 2.6, then install? I thought there was another thread on installing gnome but did not find it, so sorry if this is another post on this, please direct me to the other thread.
  20. you can use use any terminal (command prompt) and for the most part you can use this wihtout the need to exit out of KDE of Gnome et al. If you are installing Nvidia drivers (and probally ATI also) you need to exit the Xwindows system, which is done (in a terminal) with the command init 3. That will then make your screen flash and look like its rebooting, then you'll be looking at a screen more like DOS. login as root and type the command init 5 or startx to get back into the Xwindows enviroment. Or cd to the location of what you are trying to do. Anyways, its harder than it seems, I've only been using Linux a year this month and somethings came easier than others. I hosed my system quite a few times, sometimes reinstalled other times worked through the problem. Just don't be afraid to ask or search for the answer. I'm pretty sure someone here can help, well maybe not me, but someone will.
  21. I have the disks ffor FC2 in my hands aand now onder if I should install, with windows already there. according to this (see below), it says its fixed in the final(?) ie not test release : from http://www.fedorafaq.org/#nodualboot #9 Q: I installed Fedora Core 2, and now I can't boot into Windows! A: This should only happen if you installed a Fedora Core 2 Test Release and then upgraded to the Final version of Fedora Core 2. (If you don't know what that means, don't worry -- it doesn't apply to you.) This actually isn't specific to Fedora, it happens on many Linux distributions using the new 2.6 kernel. If you have this happen to you, here's how to fix it: 1. Open a Terminal. 2. Become root: su - 3. Type this: sfdisk -d /dev/hda | sfdisk --no-reread -H255 /dev/hda NOTE: Your Windows hard drive may not be "hda" -- if you're not sure, you can do cat /proc/partitions to see how big each part of each drive is. That might give you an idea of which one is Windows. If your Windows drive is not hda, replace "hda" in the above command with your Windows hard drive. If the above doesn't work, or it gives you an error, try "-H240" instead of "-H255". If you want more information, or if the above doesn't work for you, see bug 115980 in Red Hat's Bugzilla. (Thanks to Gareth Russell for figuring this all out from the Bugzilla bug.)
  22. Ok here's the page I found : http://www.brandonhutchinson.com/NVIDIA_dr..._Hat_Linux.html It has you go to : http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/wlan/...ks.i686.rpm.zip which is the compliant 8stacks kernel. I haven't installed (Fedora-tonites project) yet but since this is a rpm it may be more my speed than cyberjackle's method. Although, I probally should use Cyberjackles method so I can learn something and not be so dependant on rpms.
  23. Thanks, I will read that. I also got the rescue disk, thanks, and have 3 of 4 disks download. I have also discovered that core 2 and NVIDIA 3d drivers aren't compatible, how hard is it to install a "nvidia friendly kernel" (which is Offered-but I forget where I saw it but thats what google is for). Or is there a new nvidia driver looming soon?
  24. I've been thinking about trying Fedora core 2, but after some surfing I found this article: http://www.fedorazine.com/content/view/191/ which is about possible problems in a dual boot install. Now in there it says to get the Fedora Core 2 Rescue CD. Where is this available from? ANd has any one else had any issuses with windows not booting after installing this? The fix seems somewhat easy (I printed it out, just in case.) I have also thought about trying PCLInuxOS preview-7, between the two which offers better multimedia support/ease of multimedia configuration/installion (dvd playback/ streaming audio/ java/etc.)? Also with preview-7, are 9.2 rpms still good? or should I use .tar and compile ?
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