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  1. Took the survey and let them know I'm not very happy with it.
  2. LOL Its funny how at crackberry.com they seem to slam the heck out of the iphone yet when it comes to having themes the most popular are the iphone look-a-like themes.
  3. Mint for me is pretty easy. Only problem with that part though is that if you learned alot about linux you forget some of the things you learned with an "easy" distro. lol
  4. Me in Coo's Bay Oregon catching some air...
  5. Fresh install and checking it out. Yea I know its ugly. lol
  6. I believe it is Kodax that has NO support for linux as I just bought one only to find that out. :(
  7. Thats some funny stuff right there. I've done a Debian install when Debian wasn't easy to install. (thanks iph) I've done a Gentoo install. (thanks vampy). I've done a Slackware install back in the day. Reason I installed Ubuntu. Cause its easy thats why. I want to look at email, read sites, chat thats it. When I do get the wild bug up my ass to do more I still can cause Ubuntu is still Linux underneath. I don't understand some people. Bitch and bitch because Linux isn't becoming main stream. Then when you have a distro that is making headways they start bitchin cause its not "their" distro making the headway. People now a days never satisfied.....
  8. It is probably U.E. (User Error) but for the life of me I could never get any of the releases of Suse to load or run correctly.
  9. AI I'm running 8.04 myself. I'm playing around tweaking looks and stuff. Working on getting my Blackberry Pearl working with the charging, which I had working before. I'd like to also get it to sync with Evolution for the email addys and stuff. tyme I have used Mint. I liked it also. Not sure what my deal is lately. I know how to do all this stuff just not up to it I guess. You all know what I mean. Get into that slump where you don't even want to look a pc/laptop? I think thats where I'm at. lol
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yes I did buy a Mac laptop but since I have sold it, and made some what of a profit. (Don't ask. :P ) Printer I have is the Kodak Easy Share 5100. I did end up downloading and install Heron last night. AI I think I might take you up on your offer. I know how to change some of the colors but its like the load screen, log in screen, and then the brown screen that comes after the log in. I know how to change the log in but its the load screen and the brown screen that comes up after the log in that I don't know how to change. By the brown screen I mean the one that comes up for just a short time. Thanks for the responses, all though!!
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