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  1. hey all is there anyone using apt-get with mdk 10? do u maybe have a nice working apt-get repository u can give me pls thanxs
  2. Hi there... How can i get rid of the urpmi database lock error? except to restart my machine the whole time its really getting on my nervers. What is the easiest way to update KDE to 3.2.2 Thanks...
  3. Hi there the servers in amule is very slow and sumtimes it download 8kb and thats it the download never continus..anyhting else?
  4. psycho-killer


    Hi amule doesnt want to give me a list of servers.what url can i put in to get a server list the default doesnt do anything using version 1.2.6 on mdk 10 official thanks
  5. hi there..Im looking for the website to setup urpmi? Thanks PK
  6. Hey all.... First of all thanks you all for the help we get here as a Newbie we really appreciate it.. I would like to know what is the best filesharing client like KAZAA but for Linux version.I treid Apollon but there seems to be a small problem anything else i can test? Thnaks PK
  7. hi there i know u all are prolly getting fedup with my newbie quastions but i will be happy if i can just get 1 app installed having much trouble..i did the install of URPMI choosing the mirrors and pasting the stuff in the console and let it update the hdlist..After thay i tried to install a package and this was the message. [root@localhost Documents]# urpmi apollon-0.9.2-1lpf.i586.rpm unable to access rpm file [apollon-0.9.2-1lpf.i586.rpm] error registering local packages do i need the .src.rpm or will it install already compiled binarys as well? Thanks very much..
  8. yeah yeah laugh at me lol...i did the reboot before reading ur answer lol... Thanks anyway linux is nice if i can get urpmi to work
  9. hi i tried to do the easy urpmi thingie where it downloads the hdlist.i choosed a mirror near me and 22& it failed casue it was very slow so i canceled and tried to install a rpm now i get the error Urpmi database is locked? how can i get passed this?
  10. Hi Is there an easier way to satisfy dependancys than to write everyone u need on a piece of paper for 1 proggie to install.is there a way u can run an rpm install of a program and it gets all the dependancys from the internet? Or is one by one the best? Thnx
  11. Cant find Apollon fileshare in RPM Format
  12. Hi what steps will i follow to install a tar.bz2 file? the program is Apollon it comes with an all in one installer and there is an install.sh? when i extract the files to a folder all the other dependancys is there as well and when i extract one it opens a dir wich also has an install.sh when its extracted wot i do from there to install all the packages so i can choose aopollon under kde menu?
  13. Anti WineX is there something else i can use then?
  14. HI there..Where can i get WineX i see on the website its only available for club members? Im from the SA so it wors out a bit much. What is the CVS Repositoy? Thanks very much Runnning MDK CE
  15. Hi im using MDK CE. I can only update some of the files as where the other i try says that it has BAD Signatures and then i choose install anyway it come back with an error cannot install package.name Is there a way outa this?
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