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  1. richardwest


    Or you could use any old video camera with webcam_server (Part of the xawtv package.
  2. Worked a treat using ndiswrapper, Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your reply, I've bought one, I'll report back when I've tried it.
  4. I'm trying to set up a webcam server for my Father. He runs his PCs through a BT Voyager 2100 wireless access point. His other PCs run XP but I don't need to network to them. The server is running LE2005 and I have tried using his SIS162 USB dongle to connect but despite hours of Googling and reading and trying everything I can think of, I have given up and want to try a PCI card. So if any of you out there have used a card successfully with the Voyager I would welcome your recommendations. TIA Richard.
  5. Have you tried Blender? Sorry just tried it myself, if theres a way to do what you want, I cant see it, however xmorph does look like what you want.
  6. A possible answer to your problem may be:- http://lwn.net/Articles/92727/ It solved it for me.
  7. I just added the line and then restarted the network. It's worked for me on all 2.6.8 kernels I tried from cooker and did the trick just fine on Gentoo which is what I'm using now. All I could get before was Google and my bank's site. "net.ip_dynaddr=..." is hashed out on this setup I've got a USR 9003 modem/router. Hope you get it sorted.
  8. There seems to be a problem with the new kernels and some routers. Try adding net.ipv4.tcp_default_win_scale=0 to /etc/sysctl.conf Did the trick for me.
  9. KDE I'd tried linux a few times but not got on with it, then I found KDE and was hooked, haven't used any other desktop since. been with linux now for about 4 years and totally MS free for the last 2.5 years.
  10. Kmail > Settings > Network > Receiving > Modify > Check interval
  11. I don't know if it will help but if you are in the UK you may find that putting options tuner pal=i in /etc/modprobe.conf will help.
  12. Assuming you mean audio files you might want to take a look at a little prog called GramoFile. http://panic.et.tudelft.nl/~costar/gramofile/ It's aimed at people copying vinyl LPs onto CD but may do what you require.
  13. Yes it saves all the pictures but I find the links will not work.
  14. In Konq go tools-archive web page. Will save as .war file don't know if you can view it with anything else other than konq though.
  15. Not an answer to your question, but I wish I could get broadband here, all these ads on TV really p**s me off. I'm only 20 miles from the BT research labs but even they are only on the fringe for broadband if you check the postcode (IP5 3RE). :(
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