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Face merge with the gimp


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Could tell 'ya how in photoshop... but exact steps in gimp will have to wait till I get to my Mandrake box.


I assume you mean that you want to merge two photos (with these faces). Basically, you will want to create a new... transparent layer for each image and make the top layer to something like 50 % transparency. Then flatten / merge the layers... or export the file... something like that.


Or you could make the different layers and use the erasor brush to do something like erase the eyes on the top layer to bring the eyes from the bottom layer through.


I'll look into the exact gimp terms later... unless someone else can do this before I get to it.

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Hello scoopy. I am not sure that is quite what he means. I think he wants to morph the 2 face images so that he comes up with a totally new image. I know what you mean by overlaying and merging, and in the GIMP it is very easy, but it is not the same thing as morphing and as far as I know there is no morphing ability in the GIMP.


In the Windows world there are a small number of morphing programs but none contained in Photoshop, PhotoImpact or PaintShop or other such programmes as far as I know. If anyone knows of a morphing program in the LINUX world then please let me know.


Please correct me if my perception about what is wanted is incorrect.


Cheers. John.

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Im not a gIMP expert but Ive never seen any-way to morph...my impression of what your asking is the same as AussieJohn's so correct us if this isnt what you mean...


I have seen stuff for thin in linux (I think) ... in URPMI under grasphics somewhere but I dont have a mandrake box right at the moment ....I havent tried them but they are probably similar to what AussieJohn is describing for Windows....


Have a check n the MCC install software.... pls post back and answer your own post if you find what you are looking for then someone else can benefit.

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yeah - basically I want to take two photos of a face (different faces) and morph/merge them into one image of a face.


If there isn't a way of actually morphing - is there a way of doing a cut/paste job? i.e. cut the eyes out of one image and place them on the other?


I would have expected that to be fairly intuative but, either it's not or I'm thick!

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I have done it a few times. :)


In the first one, I combined two of my coworkers... On the one guy's face, I've put the other guy's nose, mouth and ears.




On this one, I took my boss' face and overlaid one of my ex-coworker's eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.




They are both pretty funny, and it's easy to do using the clone tool and a soft brush. You should be sure to match skin colors as best you can, as well as layer size so things match up before you start.


Check out other gimps that I and my coworkers have done at http://gimpdesk.tk/

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Guest chinarut

I reviewed this thread and don't see a ptr to what I'm looking for.


to be clear and to the point: I'm going to be a dad and my partner thought it would be fun to merge our faces together and see what our child *may* look like :)


so cutting and pasting (like many of the examples I see) doesn't cut it (no pun intended!)


If anyone has a ptr to such an application, kudos to them!

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In general terms, as I'm not within reach of a GIMP at the moment...


Load a picture of you, and one of your partner, preferably face on, under identical lighting. Rotate each picture until the eyes are level with each other (if needed). Measure the distance between the eyes, and if they aren't the same distance in each photo, scale down the larger image until the eyes are an equal distance apart.


Then cut one picture and paste it into the other as a new layer. Set the layer opacity to 50% and move the layer until the eyes coincide.


Edit: Here's the rather worrying result of doing this with me and my wife. Note the effect when you're not quite in the same position relative to the camera, so it's best to go for a "passport-style" pose.


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Does anyone know how to merge two faces to create one new one with the gimp?


Morphing can be achieved with GIMP and GAP (the GIMP Animation Package). I've done that a few times and it works nicely.


urpmi gimp2-gap to install in Mandriva :-)


Check out this tutorial:




It's not that hard and the end result is perfect if you put an effort in placing the points.

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